From: U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings; Pt.

35, the Clausen Investigation, pp. 52-62.


                              Exhibit "A"


[114]                  UNITED STATES PACIFIC FLEET

                     U. S. S. PENNSYLVANIA, Flagship

Cincpac File No.                                                     HRK


Serial 01954

                                                 PEARL HARBOR,

                                               November 27, 1941.




From: Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.


Subject: Pacific Fleet Intelligence Bulletin No. 45-41.

Enclosure: (A) Subject Bulletin.


1. Enclosure (A) is forwarded herewith for information.




Page 53


3. This information obtained from Naval Intelligence sources has been reproduced by the Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet. Any request for additional copies of this document will be made to the Commander-in-Chief and not to the Division of Naval Intelligence


4. Additional copies shall not be made. This bulletin should be retained for study and reference (plus subsequent additions or corrections) during the present National Emergency.


                                                      P. C. Crosley

                                                      P. C. CROSLEY,

                                                         By direction.


   List I, Case 3; P., X.

   Atlantic Fleet A1;

   Asiatic Fleet A1;

   One copy each to:

      FATU, NTS, NC4, ND11-ND14

      NB49, Rdo. & Snd. Lab.


                              Exhibit "B"


[115]                         TOP SECRET



                   INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN NO. 45-41




(A) ORGANIZATION OF THE JAPANESE FLEETS ....... Pages 1 to 12 inclusive.

    Major Fleet Commands ............................. Page 1.

    Combined Fleet and First Fleet ...................  "   2.

    Combined Fleet and Second Fleet ..................  "   3.

    Third Fleet ......................................  "   4.

    Fourth Fleet .....................................  "   5 and 6.

    Fifth Fleet ......................................  "   7.

    Sixth Fleet-(Submarine Fleet).....................  "   7.

    Carrier Fleet ....................................  "   8.

    Combined Air Force ...............................  "   9.

    Train for Combined Fleet .........................  "   10.

    Japanese Naval Forces in China ...................  "   11 and 12.


       13 and 14.

    General Situation.

    Air Distribution.

    Table "A" showing distribution of material and personnel forces

       in Mandates

       (2 pages to be pasted together)

    Sketch of PALAO (PELEW).

    Sketch of MALAKAL Harbor, etc.

    Sketch of JALUIT Harbor, etc.


[116]                             TOP SECRET


(A)          ORGANIZATION OF THE JAPANESE FLEETS. October 30, 1941.



The following revision of Op-16-F-2, O.N.I. Serial #27-41 supersedes and replaces the former report on this subject.


The principal change consists of a further increase in the number of fleet commands. This has arisen from the regrouping of aircraft carriers and seaplane tenders into separate forces, and from the creation of special task forces in connection with the southward advance into Indo-China. The regrouping has resulted in a notable specialization within the various commands, as shown below.


Page 54


                    MAJOR FLEET COMMANDS

I. Combined Fleet

   1 First Fleet      (Battle Force)           3 Batdivs, 1 Crudiv,

                                                 2 Desrons

   2 Second Fleet     (Scouting Force)         4 Crudivs, 2 desrons,


   3 Third Fleet      (Blockade & Transport    Small craft.


   4. Fourth Fleet    (Mandate Defense Force)  1 Desron, 1 Subron and

                                                 many small units

   5. Fifth Fleet             ?                         ?

   6. Sixth Fleet     (Submarine Fleet)        6 Subrons

   7. Carrier Fleet   (Aircraft Carriers)      5 Cardivs

   8. Combined Air    (Seaplane tenders, etc.) 4 Airrons, & shore based

      Force                                       planes


II. Japanese Naval Forces (Staff Headquarters)  1 PG and 3 DD s

      in China.

   1. First China Exped.  (Central China)       Gunboats


   2. Second China        (South China)         1 CA, 1 CL and small

         Exped. Fleet.                            craft.

   3. Third China         (North China)         Torpedo Boats, etc.

       Exped. Fleet.

   4. Southern Exped.     (Saigon)              1 CL, transports and

         Fleet.                                    mine craft.


[117] The Japanese Navy now includes more vessels in active service than ever before. More merchant ships have been taken over by the Navy, and the line between merchant ship and naval auxiliary grows fainter all the time. The base forces and guard divisions in the Mandated Islands have also greatly increased the strength of the Navy, which is on full-war-time footing.




                  YAMAMOTO Isoroku, CinC (Admiral)

                         NAGATO, Flagship


                           FIRST FLEET


Batdiv One                               Desron One (Cont’d)

  NAGATO (F)                               Desdiv 27

  MUTSU                                      SHIRATSUYU (F)

  YAMASHIRO                                  ARIAKE

Batdiv Two                                   YUGURE

  FUSO (F)                                   SHIGURE

  ISE                                    Desron Three

  HYUGA                                      SENDAI (F)

Batdiv Three                               Desdiv 11

  HIYEI (F)                                  FUBUKI (F)

  KONGO                                      SHIRAYUKI

  KIRISHIMA                                  HATSUYUKI

  *HARUNA                                  Desdiv 12

Crudiv Six                                   SHIRAKUMO (F)

  KAKO (F)                                   SHINONOME

  FURUTAKA                                   USUGOMO

  AOBA                                       MURAKUMO

  KINUGASA                                 Desdiv 19

Desron One                                   ISONAMI (F)

    ABUKUMA (F)                              SHIKINAMI

  Desdiv 6                                   AYANAMI

    IKAZUCHI (F)                             URANAMI

    INAZUMA                                Desdiv 20

    SAZANAMI                                 AMAGIRI (F)

    HIBIKI                                   ASAGIRI

  Desdiv 21                                  YUGIRI

    NENOHI (F)                               ASAGIRI

    HATSUHARU                   Total: 10 BB, 4 CA, 2 CL, 27 DD.




*Note: The HARUNA has been inactive during 1941, and is probably undergoing major repairs.


Page 55


[118]                        COMBINED FLEET


                              SECOND FLEET


                             TAKAO, Flagship


Crudiv Four                              Desron Two (Cont’d)

  TAKAO (F)                                Desdiv 16

  ATAGO                                      HATSUKAZE

  CHOKAI                                     YUKIKAZE

  MAYA                                       AMATSUKAZE

Crudiv Five*                                 TOKITSUKAZE:

  MYOKO (F)                                Desdiv 18

  NACHI                                      KASUMI

  HAGURO                                     ARARE

Crudiv Seven                                 KAGERO

  KUMANO (F)                                 SHIRANUHI

  MOGAMI                                 Desron Four

  MIKUMA                                     NAKA (F)

  SUZUYA                                   Desdiv 2

Crudiv Eight                                 YUDACHI (F)

  TONE (F)                                   MURASAME

  CHIKUMA                                    HARUSAME

Desron Two                                   SAMIDARE

    JINTSU (F)                             Desdiv 9

  Desdiv 8                                   ASAGUMO

    ASASHIO (F)                              YAMAGUMO

    ARASHIO                                  MINEGUMO

    OSHIO                                    NATSUGUMO

    MICHISHIO                              Desdiv 24

  Desdiv 15                                  KAWAKAZE (F)

    KUROSHIO                                 YAMAKAZE

    OYASHIO                                  SUZUKAZE

    NATSUSHIO                                UMIKAZE

    HAYASHIO                      Total: 13 CA, 2 CL, 28 DD.


*Note: There is a possibility that a new cruiser has been added to 

Crudiv 6.


[119]                         THIRD FLEET


                      TAKAHASHI Ibo-Vice Admiral


                             NAGARA, Flagship



  CHOGEI (F)                             Desron Five

    Subdiv ........                        Desdiv 34

           ........                          HAKAZE

           ........                          AKIKAZE

           ........                          YUKAZE

    Subdiv ........                          TACHIKAZE

           ........                    1st BASE FORCE

           ........                      ........ Maru (F)

           ........                    Minelayer Division

2nd BLOCKADE FORCE                       ITSUKUSHIMA

  Desron Five                            AOTAKA

      NATORI (F)                         HATSUTAKA

    Desdiv 5                           Mine Sweeper Division 1 and 21

      ASAKAZE                            AM-1   AM-7

      HARUKAZE                           AM-2   AM-8

      MATSUKAZE                          AM-3   AM-9

      HATAKAZE                           AM-4   AM-10

    Desdiv 12                            AM-5   AM-11

      SATSUKI                            AM-6   AM-12

      FUMITSUKI                        Gunboat Division 1

      MINATSUKI                          6 Gunboats (Converted Fishing

      NAGATSUKI                              Vessels)


Page 56


                         THIRD FLEET-continued


2nd BLOCKADE FORCE-Con.               2nd BASE FORCE

  SUBCHASER SQUADRON                    ......... Maru, (F)

    .......... (F)                      Minelayer Division 17

    Subchaser Division 1 and 11           SHIRTAKA

      PC-1 PC-7                           YAEYAMA

      PC-2 PC-8                           KUNAJIRI

      PC-3 PC-9                      At least 5 other men of war, and 17

    Subchaser Division 21 and 31       merchant ships.

      PC-4 PC-10                   Total: 1 CL, 12 DD, 1 AS, 6 SS, 6 CM,

      PC-5 PC-11                          12 AM, 6 XPG  12 PC, 46, AP.

      PC-6 PC-12

    27 AP-Names Unknown


[120]                         FOURTH FLEET


                           Hirata-Vice Admiral


                            KASHIMA, Flagship


Crudiv Eighteen                       FOURTH DEFENSE FORCE (HQ-

  TENRYU (F)                            TRUK

  TATSUTA                               Miscellaneous Forces Ashore, in-

  KASHIMA                               cluding Air Group #17 and

Desron Six                              Ponape Detachment of 4th Def.

    YUBARI (F)                          Force, Kusaie Detachment of 4th

  Desdiv 29                             Def. Force, Olol Detachment of

    OITE                                4th Def. Force, Greenwich De-

    HAYATE                              tachment 4th Def. Force, Mort-

    ASANAGI                             lock Detachment 4th Def. Force,

    YUNAGI                              Pingelap Detachment 4th Def.

  Desdiv 36                             Force, Puluwat Detachment 4th

    MUTSUKI (F)                         Def. Force, Lamortek Detach-

    KISARAGI                            ment ...... (Hall ?) of 4th Def.

    YAYOI                               force.

    MOCHITSUKI                        5th BASE FORCE

Subron Seven                            Saipan, Headquarters

  JINGEI                                SHOEI MARU (F)

  Subdiv 26                               Guard Division 5

    RO-60                                   Composition unknown

    RO-61                                 Minelayer Division 19

    RO-62                                   OKINOSHIMA (F)

  Subdiv 27                                  TOKIWA

    RO-65                                 Subchaser Division 56

    RO-66                                   KASHI (F)

    RO-67                                   XPG 561 (?)

  Subdiv 33                                 XPG 562 (?)

    RO-63                                   XPG 563 (?)

    RO-64                                 Gunboat Division 8

    RO-68                                   Composition unknown

  Subdiv-----                           9 AP or AK

    .........                         FIFTH DEFENSE FORCE (HQ-SAI-

    .........                               PAN)

    .........                           Miscellaneous Forces Ashore, in-

    8 XPG                                 cluding Air Group #18.


    4th BASE FORCE                    Tenian Detachment, 5th Defense

      Truk, Headquarters                Force

      ........ Maru (F)               PAGAN Detachment, 5th Defense

Guard Division 4                        Force

      ........ Maru (F)               Survey and Patrol Division

      ........                          KOSHU

      ........                          KATSURIKI (CM)

  4 AP or AK                            KOMABASHI (AS)


Page 57


                          FOURTH FLEET-Continued


FIFTH DEFENSE FORCE Con.              6th BASE FORCE-Continued

  Repair and Salvage Division           Minesweeper Division 16

    MATSUEI MARU                          NAGATA MARU (F)

    NAGAURA (MARU)                        CHOKAI MARU

3rd BASE FORCE                            DAIDO MARU

  Palao, Headquarters                     IKUTA MARU

  .......... Maru (F)                     ?

  Guard Division 3                                    |- (This may

  .......... Maru                        .......      |  be the

  ..........                             ....... Maru |  SALVAGE

  ..........                             ....... Maru |  Unit known

  ..........                             ....... Maru |  to be in

  ..........                                          |  6th Base

  Subdiv 6                                            |- Force)

    RO-56                               Subchaser Division 5

    RO-57                                 PC-51

    RO-58                                 PC-52

    RO-59                                 PC-53

  Subchaser Division 55               SIXTH DEFENSE FORCE  (HQ-

    .......... Maru (F)                   JALUIT)

    XPG 551 (?)                         KAIKEI Maru

    XPG 552 (?)                         #5 FUKU Maru

    XPG 553 (?)                         ....... Maru

    XPG 554 (?)                         Miscellaneous Forces ashore in-

THIRD DEFENSE FORCE (HQ                 cluding AIR GROUP #19 at

    PALOA)                              IMIEJI, Jaluit Atoll and prob-

  Miscellaneous Forces Ashore, in-      able Air Groups at WOTJE and

  cluding Air Group #16 and TOBI        KWAJALEIN and RUOTTO Is.

  detachment of 4th Defense Force       (Kwajalein Atoll) Detach-

  ..... Detach. 4th Def. Force          ment 6th Defense Force KWA-

  ......  "      "   "     "            JALEIN Is. (Kwajalein Atoll),

  ......  "      "   "     "            TAROA Is. (Maloelap Atoll ),

  ......  "      "   "     "            ENIWETOK Is. (Eniwetok

  ......  "      "   "     "            Atoll), UJELANG Atoll, ENY-

  Estimate these unknown loca-          BOR Is. (Jaluit Atoll), IMIEJI

  tions to be SOROI, HELEN              Is. (Jaluit Atoll), WOTJE

  REEF, ULITHI, YAP and AN-             Atoll-Detach. of 6th Def. Force,

  GUAR).                                UTIRIK Atoll-Detach. of 6th

6th BASE FORCE                          Def. Force.

 Jaluit, Headquarters              Total: 4 CL, 9 DD, 2 AS, 16 SS 1 Sur-

 TAKUHAN MARU (F)                  vey Ship, 3 CM, 15 XPG, 3 PC, 4 XAM

                                   41 AP or AK.


[122]                          FIFTH FLEET




The composition of a new Fifth Fleet is still unknown.

The Flagship has been reported at Maizuru.


                                SIXTH FLEET


                              (Submarine Fleet)


                               KATORI, Flagship


Subron One                              Subron Two

  TAIGEI (F)                              KITAGANI (F)

    Subdiv I                                Subdiv 7

      I-9                                     I-1

      I-15                                    I-2

      I-16                                    I-3

      I-17                                    I-7

    Subdiv 2                                Subdiv 8

      I-18                                    I-4

      I-19                                    I-5

      I-20                                    I-6


Page 58


                              FIFTH FLEET-Continued


Subron Three               Subron Six

  NAGOYA MARU (F)           KINU (F)

    Subdiv 1                 Subdiv 9

      I-74                     I-123

      I-75                     I-124

    Subdiv 12                Subdiv 13

      I-8                      I-121

      I-63                     I-122

      I-69                 Subron Ten

      I-70                     KARASAKI (F)*

    Subdiv 20                Subdiv 18

      I-71                     I-53

      I-72                     I-54

      I-73                     I-55

Subron Five                  Subdiv 19

  YURA (F)                     I-56

    Subdiv 28                  I-57

      I-59                     I-58

      I-60                   Subdiv 21

    Subdiv 29                  RO-33

      I-61 (Sank 10-2-41)      RO-34

      I-62                 Total: 3 CL, 2 AS, 1 AP, 42 SS.


    Subdiv 30




*Note: The old sub-tender KARASAKI appears to have been recommissioned.


[123]                CARRIER FLEET (Cardivs)


                         CV KAGA Flagship


Cardiv 1                              Cardiv 4

  AKAGI                                 ZUIKAKU

  KAGA (F)                              SHOKANU

    Desdiv 7                              Desdiv 3

      OBORO (F)                             HOKAZE

      USHIO                                 SHIOKAZE

      AKEBONO                               NAMIKAZE

      AKATSURI                              NUMAKAZE

Cardiv 2                              Cardiv ......

  SORYU (F)                             CV KORYU

  HIRYU                                 CV KASUGA (MARU)

    Desdiv 23                      Total: 10 CV, 16 DD.





Cardiv -



    Desdiv 17





[124]                    COMBINED AIR FORCE


                   Kanoya Naval Air Station, Hdqtrs.


Shore-based land planes and seaplanes. The organization provides for great mobility. Air units are ordered to work with other forces, and return to the Combined Air Force pool when their mission is fulfilled. The named Air Groups (e. g. the Takao Air Group) are not tied down to their stations, but are sent freely wherever they are needed. Furthermore, the various air squadrons and air groups frequently split into smaller units, and are scattered over wide areas.


Page 59


Because of this extreme mobility, the picture is constantly changing. Accordingly, the following list makes no attempt to indicate all the temporary groupings into which the various units may be combined.




Air Ron 6                                8th Air Group

  KAMIKAWA MARU (F)                     10th Air Group

  FUJIKAWA MARU                         11th Air Group

  KENJO MARU                            12th Air Group

  (Has been working with the 3rd        14th Air Group

    Fleet)                              16th Air Group

Air Ron 7                               17th Air Group

  CHITOSE (F)                           18th Air Group

  CHIYODA                               19th Air Group

  MIZUHO                                23rd Air Group

  (Has been working with the. 1st       Chichijima

    Fleet)                              Chinkai

Air Ron 24                              Genzan

  KAMOI (F)                             Hyakurihara (or Moribara)

  1 XAV                                 Iwakuni

  Yokohama Air Group                    Kanoya (Hdqtrs.)

  Chitose Air Group                     Kashima

  (Has been working with the 4th        Kasumigaura        Sasebo

    Fleet)                              Kisarazu           Suzuka

Patrol Squadron 2                       Kure               Takao

  NOTORO                                Maizuru            Tateyama

  (Formerly with Air Ron 6)             Oita               Tsukuba

                                        Ominato            Usa

                                        Omura              Yatabe

                                        Saeki              Yokosuka

 TOTAL: 5 AV, 3 XAV, 35 Air Groups.


[125]                    TRAIN FOR COMBINED FLEET


SHIRETOKO                 ONDO                  AKASHI

SATA                      HAYATOMO              MUROTO

TSURUMI                   NARUTO                OTOMARU

SHIRTYA                   MAMIYA                SETTSU

IRO                       ASAHI


Total: 8 AC, 1 AF, 2 AR, 1 AC, 1 Ice Breaker, 1 Target Ship.


[126]                 JAPANESE NAVAL FORCES IN CHINA


                        KOGA, Mineichi-Vice Admiral


                              IZUMO, Flagship


  SHANGHAI BASE FORCE                 Patrol Division 11-Continued

   ASUGA        KURI                    HIRA

   TSUGA        HASU                    TOBA

Shanghai Harbor Affairs Section         ATAMI

Special Naval Landing Force, Shanghai   FUTAMI

Nanking Base Force                      FUSHIMI

Special Naval Landing Force, Nanking    SUMIDA



    EXPEDITIONARY FLEET               Hankow Base Force

                                      Kiukiang Base Force

KOMATSU, Teruhisa-Vice Admiral        Gunboat Division ? ?

UJI, Flagship                           SHINFUKU MARU (F)

Patrol Division 11                      HITONOSE

  ATAKA                                 CHIKUBU

  SETA                            Total: 4 PG, 10 PR, 1 AP.



Page 60






                                        SUGIYAWA, Rokozo, Vice Admiral

NIIMI, Wasaichi, Vice Admiral                IWATE, Flagship

ISUZU, Flagship                        Patrol Division 12

Crudiv 15                                IWATE (F)

  ISUZU (F)                              MANRI MARU

  ASHIGARA                             Torpedo Boat Division 11

Patrol Division 14                       HATO

  SAGA                                   SAGI

  AM-l7                                  KARI

  AM-18                                  KIJI

Torpedo Boat Division 1                Torpedo Boat Division 21

  OTORI                                  CHIDORI

  HAYASUSA                               MANAZURI

  HIYOBORI                               TOMOZURU

  KASASAGI                               HATSUKARI

Guard Division 15                        KARUKAYA

Guard Division 16                      Gunboat Division 1

Canton Base Force                      Gunboat Division 2

Amoy Base Force                        Gunboat Division 13

Hainan Is. Base Force                  Gunboat Division 14

13 Special Service Ships               Tsingtao Base Force


13 Misc.                                 KASHII (F) (CL)

                                         SHIMBUSHU (CM)


                                        Total: 1 OCA, 1 DD, 8 TB, 1 AP.




1. FOURTH FLEET, which may be termed the MANDATE FLEET, apparently administers, the Naval activities, afloat and ashore and also the Army Garrisons units in the Mandated Islands. While the forces afloat exercise administrative jurisdiction over the Mandate area, the Yokosuka Naval District is directly responsible for the supply of stores, material and provisions. Truk is the headquarters for supply and munitions and has been principle Fourth Fleet operating base.


2. Up to the present the entire Mandated Islands have been lightly garrisoned, the majority of the garrison units being Naval Defense Forces ("special Landing Forces" corresponding to our Marine Corps) but some Army troops are believed to be on SAIPAN, PALAO, PONAPE, TRUK and JALUIT. The total garrison force has been estimated at fifteen thousand. In addition, there are Civil Engineering Units engaged in development work on various islands. Working in conjunction with these are naval engineering units, naval ordnance specialists, navy yard units with civilian navy yard workers and technicians. The network of naval radio stations has been greatly expanded, meteorological stations and high frequency direction finders installed at strategic locations, aviation facilities increased both in scope and number, and shore-batteries emplaced on strategic islands of key Atolls.


3. It is apparent that a decision to expedite the fortification, expansion of facilities and militarization of the Mandated Islands, was made late in 1940, probably concurrently with the signing of the Tripartite Pact. The movement of naval auxiliaries, small and medium cargo, freight-passenger vessels (ex-merchant marine) to the Mandates began in December, 1940, and has increased in scope and number until some seventy odd vessels are engaged in this traffic, the average number present in the Mandate area at any one time being some forty odd vessels.


4. The function of supply of munitions, supplies, material and provisions to the Mandates is under the YOKOSUKA Naval District with a Headquarters for Civil Engineering, Munitions, Military Stores and Supplies for the Mandates centered at Truk, although this function is normally under the jurisdiction of Yokosuka as the Mandates are in the First (HQ-YOKOSUKA) Naval District.


5. The Commanders of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Base Forces are subordinate commanders under Commander-in-Chief, 4th Fleet; they have a designated Flag-


Page 61


ship and a Headquarters or Administrative Section, the latter remaining ashore at the home base regardless of the movements of the command or the Flagship. Each Base Force contains a DEFENSE FORCE, detachments of which are stationed on outlying islands of that general area. Four Ro Class submarines have been reported to be attached to the PALAO BASE FORCE.




6. Considerable air activity has been in evidence in the SAIPAN PALAO-PELELIU, TRUK, PONAPE and JALUIT-KWAJALEIN areas. Close cooperation has been noted between the Defense Forces and the Aircraft activities at their home bases. Foreign steamers nearing the SAIPAN area have been subject to aircraft observation and close scrutiny by Patrol planes, Bombers and fighters. Heavy land plane bombers and Patrol planes, undoubtedly ORANGE, have made reconnaissance flights over the Gilbert Islands (TARAWA; BUTARI-TARI, and BERU).


7. The distribution of material, personnel, and installations in the Mandated Islands is indicated in table "A". While this is admittedly incomplete and may be subject to inaccuracies, it represents the latest and best intelligence on this subject. In addition to those listed in Table A, there are a number of potential bases, principally in the lagoons of the naturally protected atolls, which may be used as emergency bases or may be earmarked for "priority two" development.


8. The latest information (up to 25 November 1941) indicates that the present distribution of the Air forces (believed to be a temporary strategical disposition other than a permanent assignment) in the Mandates is:


Identification               Location             Includes

Airron 24                    Marshall Area        (AV) KAMOI

                                                  (AV) ...... Maru

                                                  ex-CHITOSE Air Group

                                                  ex-YOKOHAMA Air Group

11th Air Group               PALAO Area

16th Air Group               PALAO Area

17th Air Group               TRUK

18th Air Group               SAIPAN

19th Air Group               IMIEJI Is. (Jaluit


Air Station (and Air Group?) WOTJE

Air Station (and Air Group?) KWAJALEIN

 ?   AIR GROUP               TRUK


The exact composition of these Air Groups is unknown and the estimates of total plane strength in the Mandates vary widely: 62-268 planes.


        Last Page of Intelligence Bulletin No. 45-41.


(Pages 130, 131 132, and 133 of Exhibit B consist of Table A showing the distribution of Japanese material and personnel forces in the Mandates, a sketch of Palao, and a sketch of Malakal Harbor. These pages will be found reproduced as Items Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5) EXHIBITS-ILLUSTRATIONS, Clausen Investigation. These illustrations will be found bound together following the printed exhibits of the Clausen investigation.)




1. Aviation facilities.-Two landing fields, each with a hangar capable of using twenty medium sized planes. Engineering Shop (camouflaged) situated between the two fields. Adjacent storehouses (galv. iron) camouflaged. Diesel fuel and gasoline storage in camouflaged, above-

ground tanks adjacent to air fields. Diesel power plant (June 1940). Eighty planes reported based here (November, 1940).


On beach opposite southern air field is Naval Air Station having small ramp and one hangar for seaplanes (June 1940). This may be an auxiliary as present indications point to naval air Base on IMIEJI (EMIDJ) Is.


2. Headquarters-Two story concrete building. Large building to SE of headquarters is Post Office and Telephone central. Flagstaff adjacent to Post Office is also used as signal tower. In town are many one story concrete stores. Good bituman and powdered coral roads.


Page 62


3. Radio towers.-Two steel combination radio and lookout towers 400 feet high. Diesel engine power plant near southern tower (1940).


4. Shore Batteries-Bases and trunnions along the three quarter mile water-front street called the Marine Parade (1940) (guns not mounted in June, 1940 but are now). Also three 6" guns and a battery of four 4.7" field pieces. Barracks for regular garrison of 500 soldiers (1940) (probably enlarged now).


Mobile Batteries-Machine guns and AA guns mounted on Diesel-tractor towed trailers. 10 searchlights on pneumatic tired truck assemblies (1940).


5. Government Pier-600 feet long, 75 feet wide (18’-25’ alongside) equipped with two railroad tracks and three 10 ton mobile cranes. Storehouse on end of pier (1940).


6. Mole-150’ concrete mole constructed parallel to shore line along NW. corner of JABOR (1933).


7. Conspicuous red building (may be red-roofed building) (1936).


8. South Seas Trading Co. PIER (N. B. R. or "NAMBO") also called "SYDNEY  Pier". Two water tanks and warehouses. Coal and briquette storage (1938).


9. Two buildings (resembling hangars) with tracks leading down to water from one of them (beaching gear?-small marine railway?). A gasoline storage located near the two buildings. (1936.)


(Page 135 of Exhibit B is a sketch of Jaluit Harbor which will be found

reproduced as Item No. 6, EXHIBITS-ILLUSTRATIONS, Clausen Investigation.

These illustrations will be found bound together following the printed

exhibits of the Clausen investigation.)


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