[168]   Communication Intelligence Summary, November 28, 1941
General.-Traffic volume normal. Communications to and from South China  and between Mandates and Empire very heavy. No tactical traffic seen. As  has been previous]y reported the suspected Radio Intelligence net is  very active and is becoming more so. The TOKYO plotting activity  addressed more messages to the Radio net than previously and most of  these sent for information to the Major Commanders. Much traffic also  was directed to NRE0 (the TOKYO D. F. Command) from all eight stations  in the Mandates and OMINATO. This Command also originated messages of  high precedence to the Major Fleet Commanders. This activity is  interpreted to indicate that the R. I. net is operating at full strength  upon U. S. Naval Communications and IS GETTING RESULTS. TOKYO  originators were active with messages of high precedence to the  Commander in Chiefs of the Second and Third Fleets and Combined Air  Force. The Navy Minister sent to Alnavs. The Chief of the Naval General  Staff sent one to the Chief of Staffs of Combined Air Force, Combined  Fleet, Fourth Fleet, Third Fleet, French Indo-China Force, Second Fleet  and RNO PALAO. The BUAERO sent one to Chief of Staff Fourth Fleet info  IMIESI and 11th Air Corps at SAIPAN.
Combined Fleet.-No indication of movement of any Combined Fleet units.  Commander in Chief Second Fleet originated his usual number of  dispatches to Third Fleet and Combined Air Force. The units paid  particular attention to by the Commander in Chief Second Fleet were  CARDIVS Five and Seven and  DESRONS Two and Four and SUBRON Five. No traffic today from the TAKAO  (CA).
Third Fleet.-Little activity from Third Fleet units save for the  Commander in Chief. The impression is growing that the First Base Force  is not present with the bulk of the Third Fleet in SASEBO but it is not  yet located elsewhere. The Army Commander in TAIHOKU is still holding  communications with the commander in Chief Third Fleet. Two Third Fleet  units arrived at BAKO and are apparently returning to KURE from BAKO.
Fourth Fleet.-Bulk of Fourth Fleet still at TRUK. The Commander in Chief  Fourth addressed message to the Sixth Base Force at JALUIT and the  Fourth Base Force at TRUK. Yokohama Air Corps is at RUOTTO and WOTJE and  held communications with AIRRON Twenty-Four and KAMOI.
Sixth China.-SAMA sent several messages to shore addresses in the  Empire. SAMA also addressed the OMURA AIR CORPS in several messages  which went for information to SAIGON and TOKYO. TAKAO radio station  addressed the Chiefs of Staff Combined Fleet, Second Fleet, the French  Indo China Force and Combined Air Force. TAKAO Air Corps addressed  SUKUGAWA Air Corps and YOKOSUKA Air Corps. A representative of a HAINAN  office now at SAIGON originated several messages to the Naval Bases at  SASEBO and KURE. The Commander in Chief China Fleet originated more  traffic than usual and addressed his fleet collectively for information  to the Commander in Chief Second and Commander in Chief Third Fleets.
Submarines.-Except for the mention of SUBRONS Five and Six in two  dispatches there was no submarine activity today.