[Paraphrase of a SECRET RADIOGRAM]




Received at the War Department, November 29, 1941.

From: Fort Shafter, November 29, 1941. No. 986.



With reference to protection of vital installations outside of Military reservations such as highway bridges, telephone exchanges, and power plants this headquarters by confidential letter of 19 June, 1941 asked the Governor of the territory to use the authority given him by the Organic Act Section 67 which provides that the Governor may call upon the Naval and Military Force Commanders of the United States in the Hawaiian Territory to suppress or prevent invasion, lawless violence, insurrection, etc. In accordance with the above stated Authority on 20 June 1941 the Governor made a confidential formal demand in writing on this headquarters to supply and to keep on furnishing such suitable protection as may be required in order to prevent sabotage, and violence of a lawless nature in connection therewith, being done in the territory against vital structures and installations. Suitable military protection in accordance with the above request is now being given important civilian installations and structures. Upon the suggestion of this headquarters, in connection with the above, the county and city of Honolulu enacted, an ordnance on 30 June 1941 permitting the Hawaiian Dept. Commanding General to restrict the use of and travel upon or to close within the county or city of Honolulu any road whenever such action is necessary in the interest of National Defense. No exercise of the authority thus given has yet been necessary. Cordial relations exist and have been maintained and mutual cooperation has been given on all pertinent matters which involve the FBI and all other Federal and Territorial Officials.

In regard to the secret radiogram of your office numbered 482 dated November 28, 1941, within the scope of investigative responsibility of the War Department (Paragraph No. 3 MID SC 30-45) and Military establishments which include equipment and personnel, full precautions against activities of a subversive nature are being taken.