[171]     Communication Intelligence Summary, November 30, 1941
General.-Traffic volume less than for past few days. Today's traffic  consisted largely of dispatches bearing old dates, some as far back as  26 November. No reason can be given for the retransmission of these  messages unless the high volume of traffic for past few days has  prevented the repetition of dispatches. The number of dispatches  originated on the 30th is very small. The only tactical circuit heard  today was one with AKAGI and several MARUs. The TOKYO Intelligence  activity originated two WIWI dispatches to Major Fleet Commanders. One  urgent dispatch was sent by NGS to Chiefs of Staff Combined, Second,  Third, Fourth, and Fifth Fleets, Combined Air Force; Submarine Force and  China Fleets.
Combined Fleet.-The Chiefs of Staff of the Combined Fleet and First  Fleet are in KURE. In the same message the Chief of Staff Second Fleet  was nor at any location. Other traffic indications are that he is at  sea. Commander in Chief Second Fleet sent one to his usual addressees of  the Third Fleet and Combined Air Force but also included KONGO and  HIYEI, which places them as members of his Task Force. The Commander in  Chief Second Fleet is no longer adding PALAO activities and has not for  past two days. The RNO PALAO today addressed two messages to TAIWAN  GUNSIREIBU (TAIWAN Army Headquarters).
Third Fleet.-Commander in Chief Third Fleet addressed two messages to  COMDESRON Two, Four and Five; COMCRUDIV Five; First and Second Base  Forces and Defense Division One for information to Commander in Chief  Second Fleet. No information obtained as to the location of the  Commander in Chief Third Fleet, which gives the strong impression that  he is underway.
Fourth Fleet.-Believed to be still in TRUK area. D. F. activity in  Marshalls a little greater today than normal. JALUIT addressed Commander  Submarine Force and AIRRON 24 in one dispatch. The continued association  of JALUIT and Commander Submarine Force plus his known progress from the  Empire to CHICHIJIMA to SAIPAN makes his destination obviously the  Marshalls. Since one of his large units (SITI4) arrived in the Marshalls  some time ago this unit cannot agree with Com 16 that there is not a  submarine concentration in that area. Every evidence points to a  concentration of not only the small Fourth Fleet submarines there but  also a good portion of the Fleet submarines of the Submarine Force.  AIRRON 24 plus YOKOHAMA AIR CORPS presence in that area points to  intended air-submarine operations from the Marshalls. Also the presence  of a unit of plane guard destroyers indicates the presence of at least  one carrier in the Mandates although this has not been confirmed.
South China.-BAKO active with dispatches to Second and Third Fleets.  Combined Air Force and SAMA. Commander in Chief China Fleet becoming  more and more active as an originator with dispatches to the Task Force.  He made a movement report with the South China Fleet as an information  addressee. The Staff Communication Officer of the South China Fleet was  addressed at Shanghai today.