From: Washington
To: Tokyo
30 November 1941 (2230 to 2238 EST)
Telephone Code
Trans-Pacific Radio Telephone


(NOTE.—Following is a preliminary, condensed version of conversation between Ambassador Kurusu and the Japanese Foreign Office American Division Chief Yamamoto on Sunday night.)


Kurusu. "It is all arranged for us to meet Hull tomorrow. We received a short one from you, didn't we? Well, we will meet him in regard to that. There is a longer one coming isn't there? In any case we are going to see him about the short one." (i. e. telegram. The longer one is probably Tokyo's reply to Mr. Hull's proposals.)

Yamamoto: "Yes. I see."


Kurusu: "The President is returning tomorrow. He is hurrying home."

Y: "Is there any special significance to this?"


K: "The newspapers have made much of the Premier's speech, and it is having strong repercussions here."

Y: "Is that so."


K. "Yes. It was a drastic statement he made. The newspapers carried large headlines over it; and the President seems to be returning because of it. There no doubt are other reasons, but this is the reason the newspapers are giving."


"Unless greater caution is exercised in speeches by the Premier and others, it puts us in a very difficult position. All of you over there must watch out about these ill-advised statements. Please tell Mr. Tani."

Y: "We are being careful."


K: "We here are doing our best, but these reports are seized upon by the correspondents and the worst features enlarged upon. Please caution the Premier, the Foreign Minister, and others. Tell the Foreign Minister that we had expected to hear something different, some good word, but instead we get this." (i. e. Premier's speech)


(After a pause, Kurusu continues, using voice code.)

K: "What about the internal situation?" (In Japan.)

Y: "No particular _ _ _ _ (one or two words faded out) _ _ _ _ ."


K "Are the Japanese-American negotiations to continue?"

K: "You were very urgent about them before, weren't you; but now you want them to stretch out. We will need your help. Both the Premier and the Foreign Minister will need to change the tone of their speeches! ! ! ! Do you understand? Please all use more discretion. "

Y: "When will you see them. The 2nd?"


K: "Let's see—this is Sunday midnight here. Tomorrow morning at ten. That will be Monday morning here."


"Actually the real problem we are up against is the effects of happenings in the South. You understand don't you?"

Y: "Yes. Yes. How long will it be before the President gets back?"


K: "I don't know exactly. According to news reports he started at 4:00 this afternoon. He should be here tomorrow morning some time."

Y: "Well then—Goodbye."

JD-1: 6922                            (M) Navy trans. 30 Nov. 1941 (R-5)