U.S.S. Swan
( 032 )
  December 11, 1941.

From: Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Action of December 7, 1941, Report on.

  1. This vessel was in the marine railway, in boiler upkeep on Sunday, December 7, 1941. The initial bomb dropped on the South ramp of the Fleet Air Base was observed at 0755. General Quarters was sounded immediately. The 3" anti-aircraft battery opened fire at 0803. Some 50 caliber fire only was heard at this time. After this no chronological log was possible. All Fuses were set for 2.1 seconds and local control was used throughout as targets were changing too rapidly for spotting. All sea valves and hatches were closed immediately, and those engineers not required for ammunition handling commenced placing the boilers in commission.
  2. One direct hit was obtained by the 3" battery, and the plane crashed in flames, beyond the dry dock area. The ship was firing on two other planes that crashed, but it was impossible to determine which guns were effective.
  3. This vessel suffered no material damage during the action. The port 3" gun pointer was injured slightly by machine gun fire.
  4. The entire crew showed exceptional calmness and courage throughout the action. The two officers on board when the initial action began showed exceptionally keen judgement in diagnosing and controlling the situation.

[signed] F.E. HALL.