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Pearl Harbor

Air Raid Pearl Harbor-A Photographic History
Just like it states. A photographic History of the attack divided up in four categories. Photos are thumbnailed.

Pearl Harbor Message Board
Visit here to read messages about Pearl Harbor and leave your own.

Pearl Harbor Bibliography
Larry Jewell's bibliography of MHI's sources on Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor Remembered
Detailed photographs of the Arizona curently from the memorial. Also has some links to other sites.

An Interactive photo archive of the attack. This site is hard to beat as far as photographs.

Pearl Harbor Remembered
The main menu of a wonderful site with numerous info and links.

Radio announcement of the attack
Radio announcement of the attack. Twenty seconds long, and you will need Real Player to listen to it.

Internet Resources on the USS Arizona

U.S.S. Pennsylvania Reunion Page

U.S.S. Maryland Reunion Page

U.S.S. St. Louis Reunion Page

U.S.S. Utah Reunion Page

50th Anniv. Memorial Address
Address delivered during the 50th Anniversary of the attack. 7 December, 1941.

Live Web camera
Wonderful site to see a live photo of the memorial out in the harbor. Gives you the current time and temp as well as different features with the photos.

Live Web camera
A Personal view of the attack from on Ford Island.

Arizona Memorial Museum Association
The AMMA's homepage. Please take a look at this associations webpage. An assn that is doing a great job.

NavSource Photo Archives
Main index to the Warship Photo Archives. Photos of almost every vessel and easy to get around in.

Pearl Harbor Links

U.S. Navy History
Department of the Navy's Naval Historical Center homepage.

Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack
The Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack Report by the Joint Congressional Committee.

Pearl Harbor Revisionism
Pearl Harbor Revisionism by Leigh Kimmell...who claims to be the reincarnation of Admiral Kimmel's son, Manning Kimmel III.

Salvage after the attack
Vice Admiral Homer N. Wallin's book "Pearl Harbor: Why,How, Fleet Salvage and Final Appraisal. *** SITE HAS MOVED. WILL LOCATE NEW ADDRESS***

Small page on the tug Hoga and her service during the attack.

The Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings
Three differnt catagories, and very detailed information.

The Myths of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Links
The American War Library's refrence link site on the attack.

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships Online
Look up any United States Ship through out the years and read its history from birth to death.

Pearl Harbor--Japanese Area's

Japanese Aircraft Modeling Home Page
Has some good informatin on the aircraft that participated in the raid.

Imperial Japanese Navy
Information on the entire Imperial Japanese Navy.

Japanese Military History
Scott Hoffman's page dedicated to the Japanese Military. Detailed information on the Japanese aircraft unlike anything else on the web.

Nihon Kaigun Site
dedicated to the Japanese Naval Fleet. Vessels, Aircraft and weapons are discused.

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