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Laama 1/2

(The main reason people watch Laama 1/2...)

Yo! Lush Trudeau here to tell you about the most incredibly drawn out series of all time! It's called Laama 1/2, and it's all about aquatransexuals and teen angst! Despite the fact that nothing of interest happens after around episode 20, we're going to keep selling it - because you keep buying it! And, best of all, there's no end in sight!

Laama 1/2, on sale now in stores everywhere! Look for the newest Laama 1/2 release, "Pointless Change of Title in a Vague Attempt at Wit", comming soon from Ziv Video!

(Also look for Want To See My Mermaid's Scar?, available in fine stores everywhere!)

On Sale in March, 1996!

Maison Gerard Jones

What a babe! Of course it'll sell!

Yo! Yusaku Godai here to tell you about all the horrible things Ziv is going to do to one of the most incredible series of all time! It's called Maison Gerard Jones, where wacky Ziv translators give you the opportunity to twitch every time you hear phrases like "Kyoko Baby"! You'll be able to enjoy all the alcoholic excitement over the next four years with our agonizingly slow release schedule! And, if you're lucky, we'll grudgingly put out a subtitled release!

Maison Gerard Jones, on sale in March 1996! After all, when you've got Ziv Video, who needs cultural notes?

Please Save My Sanity

The laughs never end with Please Save My Sanity!

Yo! Shion here to tell you all about the other most incredible series of all time! It's called Please Save My Sanity, and it's all about how me and a bunch of my space friends all come down with this weird alien virus, die, and are reincarnated on earth - let's just say I change, ok?

Please Save My Sanity, on sale in March 1996! Featuring recyled Laama 1/2 voice talent, and lots of wacky, zany fun! But, watch out - this show features lots of dialogue, like that long, boring "I Can Hear The Sea" movie. Comming soon from Ziv Video!

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