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The Lassiters of Lasker: Farming in Northampton County

Bobby Lassiter of Lasker, N.C., is one of the biggest farmers in Northampton County. He and his family exemplify what is known as "the farming family." Everyone in the family aids in working on the farm to help get the best crops they can each year. Bobby has a beautiful wife, Debbie, who usually takes care of the house and feeds the family during the day. She pulls trailers in the fall when they start picking the crops. Bobby and Debbie have three intelligent and hard-working sons: Donnie, Adam and Mark. Donnie, 19, attends Halifax Community College in Halifax County while doing a great deal of the work on the farm. He will be transferring to North Carolina State University in the fall of 1997 to study agricultural engineering. Adam, 17, is a sophmore at Northampton County High School-East in Conway, N.C. and plays on the varsity football team. Mark, 15, attends Northampton County High School-East as well, but is only a freshman. Last, but not least, there is Max, the family dog. He is a good dog and loves everyone. He watches out for the house when the family is out working as well as when they are in relaxing or sleeping. He takes care of the family and plays a central role in keeping the Lassiters happy and helping them have fun.

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