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"Napalm" Nate

Napalm Nate Magilow is a 22-year-old Chapel Hill resident and self-proclaimed punk rocker. Friends started calling him Napalm in high school. It caught on, and today Chapel Hill locals know him by no other name.

Napalm has been a dedicated member of the local music scene since 1991 when he saw his first hard core rock show at the Teen Center. That night, he says, changed him. He soon adopted both his trademark slogan "question authority" and the style of dress that remains with him today. He describes his style as "a variation of a hard-core standard street skater punk."

Nate graduated from Chapel Hill High School in 1991. He lives alone with his mother in town. Napalm can be seen almost any night of the week at a local club or hanging around outside the post office. Here is his story..

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