Weekend Drag Racing

Drag racing got its start in North Carolina back when the roads were dirt and transporting moonshine made speeding from the police a necessity. Drag racing is no longer small time, however. Millions of dollars are pumped into the sport each year, and sponsorship is huge. All types of people can be found at the various races on the weekends. For some, it's their full time job, and they travel all over the country with their entourage of trailers and crew members. For others, it's a weekend sport, but one that they persue with great passion and effort. I chose to photograph the Jackson family from Bennettsville, South Carolina for their obvious love of and dedication to the sport. Their motivation is not the money involved in racing, for their wins barely exceed all the costs of participating. Jennings Jackson, and his wife Nancy, have been frequenting the drag strips since the early 70s. Each of their three sons has taken up racing at one time or another. It is now Keith, 26, who primarily races the two cars that they own. He usually races with his cousin Randy Nolan.

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