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Scientific Checklist

Click any of the family names below to view a checklist of North Carolina tree species in that family.


Aceraceae - Maple Family

Celastraceae - Bittersweet Family Magnoliaceae - Magnolia Family

Sapotaceae - Sapodilla Family

Adoxaceae - Moschatel Family

Clethraceae - Sweet-Pepperbush Family

Malvaceae - Mallow Family

Scrophulariaceae - Figwort Family
Altingiaceae - Sweet-gum Family

Cornaceae - Dogwood Family

Meliaceae - Mahogany Family Simaroubaceae - Quassia-wood Family
Anacardiaceae - Cashew Family Cyrillaceae - Titi Family Moraceae - Mulberry Family Staphyleaceae - Bladdernut Family
Annonaceae - Custard Apple Family Ebenaceae - Ebony Family Myricaceae - Bayberry Family Sterculiaceae - Cacao Family
Apocynaceae - Dogbane Family Ericaceae - Heath Family Nyssaceae - Dogwood, Tupelo Family Styracaceae - Storax, Snowbell Family
Aquifoliaceae - Holly Family Euphorbiaceae - Spurge Family Oleaceae - Olive Family Symplocaceae - Sweetleaf Family
Araliaceae - Ginseng Family Fabaceae - Pea, Legume Family

Platanaceae - Planetree Family

Tamaricaceae - Tamarisk Family
Arecaceae - Palm Family Fagaceae - Beech Family Rhamnaceae - Buckthorn Family Theaceae - Tea Family
Asteraceae - Aster Family Hamamelidaceae - Witch-Hazel Family Rosaceae - Rose Family Tiliaceae - Linden Family
Betulaceae - Birch Family Hippocastanaceae - Horse Chestnut, Soapberry Family Rubiaceae - Madder Family Ulmaceae - Elm, Hackberry Family
Bignoniaceae - Trumpet-creeper Family Juglandaceae - Walnut Family Rutaceae - Rue, Citrus Family Verbenaceae - Verbena Family
Cannabaceae - Hemp Family Lauraceae - Laurel Family Salicaceae - Willow Family  
Caprifoliaceae - Honeysuckle Family Lythraceae - Loosestrife Family

Sapindaceae - Soapberry Family



Cupressaceae - Redwood and Cypress Family Ginkgoaceae - Maidenhair Tree Family Pinaceae - Pine Family


References for charts


An X in a column means the source uses the name as the accepted name.

An S means the source uses the name as a synonym.

An E indicates an Exotic species.

  Accepted names are highlighted and linked to the herbarium specimen images. Synonyms are indented under accepted names.
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SC Townsend, Johnny (coordinator). Undated. South Carolina Plant Atlas. http://cricket.biol.sc.edu/herb/




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