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Aesculus sylvatica Bartram

Common names: painted buckeye.
Synonyms: Aesculus georgiana Sargent, Aesculus neglecta Lindley, Aesculus octandra Marshall, Aesculus sylvatica Bartram var. lanceolata (Sargent) Bartram.
Family: Sapindaceae.

Brief description:
A small, deciduous tree or shrub, commonly 15 m (316 ft.) tall. Bark of mature trunks is flaky. Winter buds are large, with terminal buds ranging from about 0.51 cm long or longer. Leaves are opposite and palmately compound, with 5 (occasionally 7), relatively large (820 cm long) leaflets. Leaflet margins are variously serrate. Flowers are borne on a prominent, terminal inflorescence. Flowers bear 4, long (13.7 cm.), cream, yellowish green or pink colored petals that form a tube-shaped corolla. Fruits consist of a 24 cm long, more or less spherical, tan or brown, leathery capsule. The capsule splits open revealing 13 (occasionally as many as 6) large, smooth, lustrous, dark brown seeds, each with a conspicuous light brown scar. Painted buckeye is one of the first trees in Piedmont forests to produce leaves and flowers in spring.

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Live specimen images:

• Individual leaf • Branchlet with buds • Close-up of buds • Flowers • Close-up of flower •

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