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Fraxinus americana Linnaeus var. americana

Common names: white ash, American ash.
Synonyms: Fraxinus americana Linnaeus, Fraxinus americana Linnaeus var. biltmoreana (Beadle) J. Wright ex Fernald, Fraxinus americana Linnaeus var. crassifolia Sargent, Fraxinus americana Linnaeus var. curtissii (Vasey) Small, Fraxinus americana Linnaeus var. juglandifolia (Lamarck) Rehder, Fraxinus americana Linnaeus var. microcarpa Gray, Fraxinus biltmoreana Beadle.
Family: Oleaceae.

Brief description:
Ashes have opposite, compound leaves. If you play baseball and can avoid using only aluminum bats, white ash wood will be familiar to you, because it is the traditionally prized light colored wood of baseball bats since it is light weight but strong, bendable but not fragile. The small flowers produce a winged fruit--narrow with a wing shaped like a narrow canoe paddle on one end. These wings make the fruits twirl to the ground like minature hellicopters--they keep the fruit aloft longer, allowing it to move farther from the parent tree. The leaves turn yellow to a deep maroon or purple in the fall.

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Live specimen images:

 Individual leaf  Branchlet with buds  Close-up of buds  Close-up of leaf scar 

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