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Quercus phellos Linnaeus

Common names: willow oak.
Family: Fagaceae.

Brief description: Willow Oak is so named because of the narrow willow-like leaves, while many of our most common oaks have distinctly lobed or toothed leaves. Look at the fruits of this tree--the acorns--and you will see at once that it is truly an oak (willows have small, downy, wind blown seeds and are related to aspens, cottownwoods and true poplars). Acorns are an important and calorie rich food for birds and wildlife. Like many other flood plain species (sweetgum, elms, willows, cottonwoods, ash) willow oak makes a fine street and yard tree. It has fast growth rates on good sites and can attain huge size--6 feet in diameter and over 100 feet tall.

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Live specimen images:

 Branchlet with leaves  Individual leaves  Branchlet with buds  Close-up of buds 

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