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Ulmus alata A. Michaux

Common names: winged elm, wahoo.
Synonyms: Ulmus americana Linnaeus var. alata (A. Michaux) Spach.
Family: Ulmaceae.

Brief description:
Winged elm is named for the flat corky growths that can appear along its young twigs and branches. This are a natural part of the growth of the tree, though the function is not known (some think that, because the cork is low in nutritional value, that the "wings" could be a deterent to deer browsing). Like other elms, Winged Elm has leaves which tend to be asymmetical (or unsymmetric) at the base--one side is a bit longer than the other. The leaves turn a clear yellow in the fall. Elms bloom early--before the leaves have emerged--with flowers that are inconspicuous but soon become the round, winged fruits. These disperse in Spring as the leaves are coming out on the trees. Elms make good street trees--in old age, they tend to develop arching upper branches that hang over the street without obstructing taffic views.

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Live specimen images:

 Branchlet with leaves  Individual leaf  Winged twig  Branchlet with buds  Close-up of buds  Branchlet with flowers  Close-up of fruits 

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