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  Student Activities

Jim Murphy (PIC Consultant): Captured herbarium specimen images, developed and managed databases, established World Wide Web access; managed two graduate assistants.

Peter Buch (SILS Graduate): The Database Administrator redesigned the BOTNET database with data entry screens, for entering and training others in data entry, and for testing the system. Peter designed an appropriate web based retrieval engine for the database.

Gus Dopke (SILS Graduate Student): Assisted with data entry, database and retrieval system testing. Major additional duties involve creating a usability test for the 7th grade students.

Ron Brown (SILS Graduate Student): Scanned NC Tree pages and converted to HTML.

Mary James (Ecology Graduate): Operated the Zeiss high resolution digital camera for scanning specimens. Constructed the master list of North Carolina tree species.

Steve Seiberling (Employee): Operates Zeiss high resolution digital camera. Created standards for digitizing herbarium specimens, calibrating the camera and lights. Pulled specimens for the project.

Serena Fenton (SILS Graduate Student): Helped create PIC web page

Matt Smith (Biology Undergraduate Student): Compiled digital images of North Carolina trees including leaf patterns, bark, flowers and seeds; Pulled specimens for the project; Data entry revisions

Holly Harms (SILS Graduate Student): Creating Contributory Module for the PIC web page

Sheila Dunn (SILS Graduate): Created original Botnet database

Molly Luby (SILS Graduate): Designing PIC web page for students

Jiangping (SILS Graduate): Creating an Ask the Expert Module for the PIC web page; Wrote a review of online forum technology and implementation methods.

Brenda Wichmann (Employee): Designing web based dichotomous key and glossary

Kirsten Martin (SILS Graduate Student): Helped Peter Buch create Botnet DC

Christie Silbajoris (SILS Graduate Student): Helped Peter Buch create Botnet DC

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