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Date: 9/17/2004

Blogger at the National Newspaper Association

My beloved wife, Sally Greene, is in Denver blogging about the National Newspaper Association meeting there. She has discovered ethernet connections in the hotel and discovered that community papers don’t care for bloggers anymore than they like buggers. News flash: they can’t see a profit in blogging or even putting information on the web.
The most important part of the entire Convention is this: my mother-in-law and Gilmer Mirror publisher Sarah L. Greene will receive the Emma C. McKinney Award.

West in Wired; McGuinn in Christianity Today

Two of ibiblio’s most popular contributors got some great press in the past couple of days.
‘s Jessamyn West was written up in Wired in an article called “Don’t Mess With Librarians “. Since at least 1993 when Jessamyn began putting the rarin’ back in librarian, we knew not to mess with them.

Roger McGuinn, whose FolkDen project is approaching its tenth year, was the subject of a very nice interview in Christianity Today called “No Ordinary Folk”.
Roger is also the subject of an interview by the Creative Commons folks now posted on their site along with another interview with DJ Spooky

Commons, Gilberto Gil and David Byrne

I’ll be very briefly in NYC on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning (9/21-22) for the Wired sponsored Creative Commons Benefit featuring David Byrne and Gilberto Gil.
I’ll be staying at the uberhip W Hotel with the Commoners and I’ll have a little side trip to Conde Nast (publisher of Wired) and perhaps up to Time, Inc.
With luck, I’ll hook up with ibiblio alumni and friends whilst up there. The big question is can I dress hip enough to be allowed to stay in W. Is black still in in NYC?

The Concert will be webcast LIVE at 8pm EDT Tuesday September 21.
So if you can’t get to NYC, you can still see the show.

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