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Date: 9/24/2004 is one year old

The group political blog started by Ruby Sinreich,, celebrated its one year anniversary tonight with buy your own beers at the Orange County Social Club. The event was well attended by local politicos — some of whom are regular contributors — and other amusing people. I have no pictures, but the Daily Tar Heel camera guy was very busy taking photos and the reporter was taking names etc. Look for a story on Monday there.

Ruby has won awards from all over — Independent, WCHL, and others in the past year for her work creating and managing the blog.

Commons Benefit Report from Courtney

Courtney Pulitzer ran a report on the Commons benefit in her newsletter, Courtney Pultizer’s Cyber Scene, which reports on Silicon Alley and other NYC cyberscenes. Nice write up with a better collection of names and people than my little write up from the 22nd. Secret crushes are revealed etc. (but mine has pictures ;->).

Searls talk online as video and slides

Woo woo! Max has digitized and edited the video we shot of Doc Searls’ talk here a couple of weeks back. Enjoy.

Google is Red; Yahoo is Blue

I’ve been very confused by the Red State/Blue State thing. Reds were lefties in the olden days. Now suddenly Red means the state went for Bush. The Online Journalism Review says in an article called “Balancing Act: How News Portals Serve Up Political Stories”

Google News uses computer algorithms to identify top stories while Yahoo
News favors old-fashioned human editors. But do Google’s automated search
results display a conservative bias?

Hood links on Risk and Uncertainty

John Hood visited our class in JOMC191.8 seminar. Along the way, we had a conversation about the difference between risk and uncertainty as described in 1921 by Frank Knight. John recommends this essay from New School and points additionally to Knight’s book, Risk, Uncertainty and Profit.

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