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Date: 11/17/2004

Burning Man 2

The man who ignited himself in front of the White House and incidentally in front of my hotel and within about 20 minutes of doing it in front of me, Mohamed Alanssi, turns out to be central to several anti-terrorism arrests in the US and in Europe. Newsday talks about at least three investigations that involve Alanssi none of them minor. The NYTimes and Washington Post have lengthy coverage of the involvements of Alanssi. The story doesn’t seem to be ending.
The story that ended and in fact completely vanished is any explaination of the other man who not long after Alanssi’s self-BBQing, climbed the White House fence. He remains a mystery. This man I did see only minutes or seconds before he went over.
eBayers in the meantime were given a chance to bid on a toasted cheese that reveals a Madonna!

Eating in DC (Asian edition)

As an homage to Miles Efron, a true food hound, I offer these [not yet commented on although both meals were wonderful] menu listings from my eats in DC Sunday and Monday of this week.

at the Bombay Club at 815 Connecticut Ave NW
Dahi Papri Chaat = Crisp puries topped with potatoes, chick peas, onions, and covered with yogurt, date and tamarind.
Vegetable Samosa Chaat = From East to West, the ever-popular vegetable samosa, served with date and tamarind sauce.
entre d’jones
Sali Boti = Tender pieces of lamb delicately cooked with dried apricots and topped with crunchy straw potatoes. A Parsi delight.

at Asia Nora M between 22 and 23
shared appetizer
Crispy Honshimenji Mushroom & Green Bean Tempura with truffled daikon dipping sauce
entry d’ jones
Seared Lemongrass Beef Roulade with Roasted Butternut-Scallion Gnocchi with shiitake mushrooms, seared spinach, Thai pesto stuffing
dessert d’jones
Warm Chocolate Five Spice Cake coconut sorbet, black sesame tuile

Is Your Vote Counted?

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility are putting together a panel and public dicussion on voting and vote counting in the US. (see below). This is especially timely since we may be facing a revote for several Council of State offices (at least Agriculture) in part because of the loss of over 4,500 votes in Carteret County. “[T]he county was told by the manufacturer of the voting system that its units could store up to 10,500 votes, but the limit was actually 3,005 votes.”

December 8, 2004
Chapel Hill Town Hall
306 North Columbia St.
Is Your Vote Counted?
Panel presentation and Community Speak Out on the question of voter integrity.


Introduction by Joyce McCloy, Founder, NC Coalition for Verified Voting

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