I have my own obsession with the number seven as seen in the past few poems that I’ve published (mostly in the New and Observer — thanks Marcy Rice for choosing them), but this post is about the now vanished public and yet stealth art project that appeared on the doors and windows of the old Chapel Hill Bus Station called “Seven Windows, Seven Doors.”
I left here hoping to escape
Sally took Tucker and me out on Thanksgiving Day to shoot pictures of the silhouettes on plywood. Since Sally had first seen the art, the demolition of the building had begun and so chainlink fences kept us from getting as close and clear images as we would have liked. Still, the little Pentax Optio did a good job considering. Now you can see the art even though the demolition has begun in earnest. And read Sally’s blog entry.
Brian Russell did a podcast interview with one of the creators, Matt Robinson, at audioactivism.org and Ruby Sinreich posted an entry on OrangePolitics.org to which Matt has commented in an essay that explains a bit about each image.