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Date: 12/24/2004

G’boro bloggers get more attention

Jay Rosen’s PressThink site has a nice longer article on the Greensboro News and Record‘s blogsphere vision and a bit about the Piedmont Bloggers Conference, Ed Cone, Lex Alexander, David Hoggard and others. Rosen praises G’boro’s paper for being on the leading edge of citizen and journalistic blogging. It’s no surprise to me that the News and Record is on the forefront; the paper is owned by Landmark Communications whose Virginia Pilot had the first live blogging reporter at the John Malvo trial.
He also makes mention of Anton Zuiker’s organizing the Triangle Bloggers Conference for February 12 — in case you weren’t paying attention ;->

Triangle Bloggers Conference – Feb 12

Anton Zuiker has it undercontrol (mostly). The Triangle Bloggers Conference is set for February 12 in Chapel Hill. Anton has set up a Wiki so that you may propose sessions, topics, give directions, recommend restaurants, introduce yourself and the like.
Sign up. Add stuff. Make friends.

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