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Date: 1/2/2005

MacroInvertebrates and Beavers

On New Year’s Eve day, we went out on the Eno River to my friend, Sylvia Garrard,’s land to take part in the River Watch Program. The idea is to scoop up whatever macroinvertebrates you can find in dip nets and count them. The presence of difference kinds of invertebrates indicates the water quality. Needless to say this is a more fun project in July than in December, but New Year’s Eve this year was unseasonably warm and wonderful — still the water was cold. We found a wide selection of cadis fly larvae, stone fly larvae, dragon fly larvae, crawfish, gill snails, river pennies, a leech, mussels, and more. All this shows that the river along Sylvia’s land is in fine shape.
While we were there we also found lots of beaver work had been going on recently some of it very ambitious. Sally took the pictures.

Breaking 100

In the past week, I’ve been to two UNC basketball games. The first was against Cleveland State (107 – 64). And the second against William and Mary (105 – 66). I can’t complain about winning and I was glad to see both oppponents to continue to scrap and play hard right to the last second.
I did wonder as many there did through our victorious euphoria “What would Dean have done?” These margins of victory are something that we rarely saw when Dean Smith was the coach. Dean believed in taking lopsided matches as an opportunity to play the whole bench. While the bench did see action, especially in the Cleveland State game, it was not to contain the score but as a warning to the starters. This is the sixth game this season in which UNC out scored their opponents by more than 30 points.

Are we seeing the great difference between Roy Williams and Dean Smith? Are we seeing Roy rebuilding the Carolina legend and reputation after some off years?

The good news is that the team played as a team with 6 players scoring in double figures vs Cleveland State and looked good in their passing against William and Mary.

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