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Date: 2/8/2005

Mothership Connection

Melva Fager Okun writes to tell about photos taken by her son, Will, in Chicago of an unusual gathering. One in particular caught my attention. The Rubber Band Man, himself, Bootsy Collins (this is Will’s photo), the star of P-Funk and member of the George Clinton messengers for the true Funk. Take me up in the Mothership!
For all of Will’s photos from the last month see his site.

Zeroing History

President Bush’s proposed budget completely zeroes out the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.
The Society of American Archivists explains the Commission and recommends actions at their website.
If you have been using the web to do personal or professional or scholarly or family research, you will be poorer for this. Access to our history in the form of primary documents is one of the keystones of our democracy.
Unfortunately this is not a new behavior by this Bush’s administration. Ashcroft’s resistance to Freedom of Information Requests and Governor G. Bush’s move of his records from the Texas Archives to the G.H.W. Bush Library where they are sealed are two examples of removing access to immediate history.
The official language killing the National Historical Publications and Records Commission reads:

“National Historical Publications and Records Commission Grants.—This program provides funding for grants that the Commission makes, nationwide, to preserve and publish records that document American history. The Budget proposes no new grants funding for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission in 2006.”

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