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Date: 2/16/2005

UVa = Bojangles?

Will UNC have another 100 point night against Virginia? Bojangles better be prepping their sausage biscuits!
UPDATE: Although the Heels romped over Virginia, they were held to a mere 85 points (UVa managed to score 61). No Bojangles for us.

Must Have H2G2

I am being programmed to desire all things relating to The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2) as panicy race to the April 29 release of the movie approaches.
Today, the (err a) trailer was released on the front page of! The movie blog procedes apace.
Unfortunately it will not be as corny as the BBC TV version or the wonderful radio show. I maybe an old codger, but there was something about sitting in the dark imaging the characters as Douglas Adams described them that no special effects can replace.
I do love the BBC sponsored website designed like the legendary Guide that preceded wikipedia by several years and is almost as amusing.

Internet Cans Welsh Librarians

Guardian (UK) reports that “Bangor University is proposing to sack eight of its 12 librarians because students can find the information they need on the internet.” But you can bet that the librarians aren’t going quietly.

P2P radio okayed – Mercora gets a nod

I wrote about Mercora, the P2P radio application, back in September when I got a tour of it during FOO Camp. I was impressed then and remain impressed. They suck in that they don’t support Mac or Linux, but they are good in that they allow real micro-radio stations on the net interationally.
The Wall Street Journal just published an article (subscription only) covering Mercora and other P2P radio offerings. The big news is that some solid agreements have been worked out with the RIAA.
Disclosure: I was introduced to Mercora by James Lussier, who’s Norwest Venture Partners just ponyed up $5 million in new funds and appointed Jim to the Board of Directors of Mercora.

Tyson Interview – Feb 15

WUNC did a new interview with Blood Done Sign My Name author, Tim Tyson, yesterday. I didn’t get to hear it (yet), but it’s in the archives and available in MP3 (go in about 12 minutes unless you’d like to listen to Congressman Mel Watt).
I’ve written quite a bit about Tyson and Blood Done Sign My Name here earlier.

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