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Date: 3/4/2005

The Pleasure Was Mine

Novelist Tommy Hays writes about important human things like growing up — I mean seizing your adult life instead of avoiding it — in Sam’s Crossing, his first novel. Coming of age, as a ten year old in the South when death, race, and religion intermingle and where being a “Waffle House mystic” is an actual career choice in In the Family Way.
His third novel is just out from Saint Martin’s. The Pleasure Was Mine deals with dealing with Alzheimer’s. This time at the late end of life. Tommy will be in Chapel Hill at McIntyre’s Books on April 16 and in Raleigh at Quail Ridge Books on April 14.

Google meantime to suckage achieved?

I use a Mac and have for years — and, despite of what this blog may seem to reflect, have been pretty busy lately. Even hiding under my rock hasn’t kept me completely unaware of the stink that has arisen over the Google Autolink feature/bug/spyware that comes with Google Tool bar. Most everyone I know and respect has weighted in on one side or the other. Dan Gillmor, Dave Winer, Paul Boutin (in Slate, good article but I donno him), and others dislike AutoLink intensely. Ed Felton isn’t quite sure. Cory Doctorow champions AutoLink.
I use a Mac. I use FireFox. I’ll find out later maybe.

Ink spilled on Irons

The multi-talented Creighton Irons and his musical “Soul Notes” have had great write ups in the Chapel Hill News and in the News and Observer. Sally has the stories and more on her blog.

Slightly less Wicked, but still unsightly

Our town eyesore, the Wicked Burrito, is slightly less ugly this week. No, the painters did not paint. They matched, or tried to match, the multicolored monster’s many garrish colors, then vanished. Someone did take down the tattered canvas awnings that had hung flapping like a tight flock of disturbed chickens over the hand drawn “Closed” sign for the past several years.
Across the street the now empty Vis-Art is separated from new hotel construction only by the lively but somewhat secret Dead Mule Club. Against the odds, the Mule is the best kept of the three.

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