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Date: 3/29/2005

Skype-ing with friends

David McConville was just in NYC doing a dome show at the Roseland Ballroom for the equinox. Great dome pictures here. He just called on Skype.

Also Robert Kaye, of Mayhem and Chaos fame, found my Skype.

Much more fun than old school CU-See Me sessions.

Faster Stats? Google buys Urchin

We gave up on all the free ways to get stats for since processing our 13 million hits per day (not including errors or streaming or a few other things) took over 24 hours for most programs. Instead we threw down and bought/licensed Urchin. It works great.
Now Urchin announces that it will be acquired by Google. Does that means faster stats? Or will we be among the first to get a Gstats invite? (oops! Already a program called that).

Tweedy and Lessig at NY Public Library

Chris Anderson and friends at Wired write to remind us (albeit a bit too late) about a conversation on Free Culture in New York City:

Jeff TweedyLarry Lessig

What: Who Owns Culture?
Who: Jeff Tweedy and Larry Lessig with Steven Johnson
When: April 7 at 7 pm
Where: New York Public Library
5th Ave and 42 St
Tickets on sale now at

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