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Date: 4/16/2005

Podcasting properties

Just talking with Ryan Thornburg and Deb Aikat at Weaver Street about the properties of podcasting. I proposed an initial three properties:

  1. Location independence
  2. Time-shifting
  3. Narrow-casting
  4. and would add

  5. Personalized subscriptions
  6. Nearly seamlessly automated transfer to the listening device

Others? or corrections? Just getting started.

She Blinked First

Margaret (aka Peggy) Rabb has been editting Blink: a little little magazine of little poems for some time now. The January 2005 issues in vol. 4 no. 3. Her Blink is one 8.5 x 11 page folder twice so that you have a cover, 2 pages of very very short poems — I’ve not noticed one over 8 lines and most or 5 or less — and a back. I have several issues scattered around the house and am always delighted to read the poem anew as I rediscover the issue and the poems. I’m particularly enjoying Mike White’s “O” just now.
Peggy had her Blink before Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell subtitles his Blink “the power of thinking without thinking.” Peggy, whose selections are thoughtful, might call her Blink “the power of thinking and thinking again.”

Some useful Blink info:

Blink is published bimonthly. A single issue costs $1; a year’s subscription is $6. Make checks payable to Margaret Rabb, Editor, CB#3520, Greenlaw Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3520.
Submit original, previously unpublished poems only; include SASE. First publication rights reserved; all rights revert to author upon publication. ISSN: 1536-1624.

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