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Date: 5/31/2005

John Edwards – guest blogger

No, not here at The Real Paul Jones, but at the TPMCafe’s Table for One. Senator and former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards will be guest blogging there from May 31st through June 3rd. His first post, “Being Poor is Expensive,” has already gotten 64 comments (and not a bunch of cranks and trolls either).
Edwards runs his own blog and podcasts as well.

Another Paul Jones

Just got a note from another Paul Jones, actually a John Paul Jones so he may not be a Paul Jones exactly and certainly not the Real Paul Jones.
This John Paul Jones would like to point out his art, some of which you’ve surely seen as covers of Carlos Santana LPs, and the music that he’s produced with Jamie. He invites us all to take a listen to the music that he helped compose with Jamie.

East Fed = More than Wicked?

While the Wicked Burrito owners have come round a bit, Eastern Federal the owners of Chapel Hill’s next greatest eyesore, the bulldozed remains of the Plaza Movie Theaters, have taken on an angry tact with Chapel Hill. So far, they’ve been into it with the adjoining shops and property management, with the Town and with anyone who has to drive by and see the razed fenced site of the former theatre. None of this is their fault as their letter to the Town explains.

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