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Date: 7/5/2005

The Vision, The Leadership – ibiblio!

Wanda Monroe did a great job of describing the Computerworld Honors program and ibiblio and Open Video in a UNC press release just out.

Winer in Cackalacky

A Winer and likely a diner as well. Dave Winer came up US 17 through far Eastern NC. His car wears the Cackalacky sticker I sent him a while back. His pictures, including one of the sticker, are here.

Upgrading WordPress

If the templates and other things are a little funky, fear not. I am working on that now. I’m already running the very very latest WordPress now — But that changed the template set up. It should be easier to post comments now tho.

Update: Looks like everything moved over okay. The only thing lost so far is the style sheet switcher which was no loss really. It did take some cycles to pull that part out of the index.php tho. One obvious gain should be simpler commenting since I removed the authimage for now at least. This version of WordPress is supposed to be better with comment spam.

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