During the Green Day concert the other night, Billie Joe pulled a band out of the mosh pit. He started by asking for a drummer and interviewing people from the stage: how many years have you played drums? how old are you? can you keep this simple rhythm? The lucky but somewhat timid drummer was then raised on stage and begin tapping with the help and instruction of Tre Cool.
Next was the bass player. A 16 year old guy was pulled up and set up with help from Mike. The father of the new bass sensation is looking for photos. If you have one, get in touch with David Menconi at the News and Observer .

Next after a longer set of teasing interviews, a young woman was pulled up to play lead. There was a lot of shuffling around and she was sent off to the side of the stage. A replacement was pulled up. This guy was unlike the rest. Blonde dyed spiky hair, dark glasses, black Ramones t-shirt, dark jeans, perfectly confident on stage, quickly strapped up into the guitar, immediately playing some blazing licks. And soon as was egging on the bass player and drummer as he posed and walked the stage and took a mike and begin to add harmony and back up vocals.

At the end of the song, Billie Joe brought the young woman back to center stage and gave her the guitar that had been used to play lead. The Ramones wearing guy grabbed the mike and shouted something like “I don’t need your guitar; I’m in Good Charlotte!” But from what I can find, Good Charlotte was in the UK or just back.

Does anyone know of this mystery guitar and have any idea what he said? Is he a regular part of the show, hitting the stage as a ringer each time?