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Date: 10/10/2005

Blooker Prize

I’m one of the judges along with Cory Doctorow and Robin Miller. The contest is for blogs that will become books or Blooks. There is a Blooker Prize blog and a Blooker Prize entry site with bits about the judges.
If you have a blog that could become a book or a comic, be sure to submit.

NC Poet of the Week Archives

I was Poet of the Week back in July. Now the Archive at the NC Arts Council lets you (and me) see the poems again along with the other poets of July — Pamela Uschuk, me, Betty Adcock and Tim Earley in that order. I am second and with the second most luxuriant flowing hair (but I am the only scientist).


Yes Yahoo is there with a nice interface and search at I had trouble with the Listen feature but haven’t had time to inspect it closely. I did find my favorite podcasts there: audioactivism, Folk Den, Le Show, Cory’s books.
Very useable compared to iTunes which for podcasts is a bit of a pain because of their Apple RSS changes/extensions.

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