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Muppet Stamps! Here at last.

Miss Piggy and Kermit with Stamps
They are now for sell at the Student Stores and other fine stamp outlets.
You get 11 37 cent stamps for $4.07.

Fozzie Bear Kermit the Frog
Miss Piggy Sam the Eagle
Swedish Chef Statler and Waldorf
Dr Benson Honeydew and Beaker Animal
Gonzo and Camille Rowlf

and the eleventh is Jim Henson himself.

Ware and Graphic Novels in New Yorker

Graphic novels come of age.

[more on this later. in a very exciting meeting]

Podcastercon coming Jan 7 for more details.
Podcastercon feed

WHERE: University of North Carolina, 116 Murphey Hall, Chapel Hill, NC
WHEN: Saturday, January 7, 2006, 11am – 4pm
How Much: FREE

Contact: Brian Russell, Event Organizer, info (at) podcastercon (dot) org
Sponsors:, Cache Networks, and many individuals

Call for Volunteers
We need volunteers before and during the event. We need help setting up signs to the event, helping participants find their way to Murphey Hall, help putting up flyers in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, basic tech support, help blogging and recording the event, etc.

N and O responds and responds to bloggers

Both Ted Vaden and Melanie Sills have kept up the conversation with bloggers that began just after the ConvergeSouth conference.
Ted’s column from Sunday’s News and Observer, Blogs challenge newspaper standards, is located in two places on the NandO site. One (linked above) that allows comments and trackbacks and one that is located at the print version of the paper’s online location which allows neither. A bit confusing — and non-standard practice for bloggers I might add ;->
Melanie’s Frame vs. Filter attempts to further clarify her take on Jay Rosen’s comments at ConvergeSouth and in comments on her blog after.
No comments on either article as of this posting on Monday afternoon.

Adelphi Charter – Protecting the public domain

Jamie Boyle writes to announce the Adephi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property, an international group based at the Royal Society of Arts in London which is concerned with innovation in the arts, sciences and industry.

Articles in the Guardian and in the Economist (covering both Brit Pol Wings this) explain the Charter further. The Charter itself is available for download and reading (in PDF) from the Charter site.

The Charter steering committee writes:

The Adelphi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property responds to one of the most profound challenges of the 21st century:
How to ensure that everyone has access to ideas and knowledge, and that intellectual property laws do not become too restrictive.

The Charter sets out new principles for copyrights and patents, and calls on governments to apply a new public interest test.

It promotes a new, fair, user-friendly and efficient way of handing out intellectual property rights in the 21st century.

The Charter has been written by an international group of artists, scientists, lawyers, politicians, economists, academics and business experts.


Steve and I were AIMing about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He (Steve not the FSM) said he thought the FSM was like Cthulhu. I said I thought that the various Lovecraft monsters were frog-like and that HPL used a word beginning with BA to describe that froglikeness, but I couldn’t remember the word.

Steve later reminded me – batrachian!. I always think of HP Lovecraft when I hear or see that word.

Is it ethical to roll your own ethics?

Or are ethics tightly tied to ethos?
I tweeked Brian Russell a bit when he said that he didn’t subscribe to journalistic ethics. I’m not sure that Brian knows exactly what journalistic ethics is/are, but my accusing him of being without ethics (that is aethical not unethical) put him in a reflective mood. He’s now blogged a bit about the experience — and seems to still be in a quantry.

Flying Spaghetti Monster revival at UNC

A new pit preacher dressed in official FSM pirate garb was in the UNC Pit recently. Alex Mellnick, FSM Preacher, had his moments captured in pictures and in movies and in text as he spread the Pastafarian message.

Touched by his noodlely appendage indeed!

Along the way I learned that local Pit Preacher Gary Birdsong has an entry in Wikipedia and a picture gallery on ibiblio!

Being a Jones and the Jones of Being

In the beginning, everyone was named Jones. Everyone in the world. A Jones discovered fire. A Jones taught other Joneses to swim and to read and write. All was utopic.

But as time progressed people were not so nice. A killing happened. The killer was no longer called Jones. he was now Caine. At each crime, at each dispicable act, a person was deJonesed and forced to take other

Although there are still many Joneses there are also many who have fallen from their original Jonesian state.

Perhaps in time we will all reJones and all sentient beings will be saved. The first vow of a Jones states: “Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to free them.”

Potemkin Press Conference?

The various news outlets cover George Bush’s press conference via video hookup with US troops in Iraq very differently. NYTimes covers the conference as straight news without much commentary, but other outlets including ABC News and Washington Post carry an AP article noticing that the Bush Teleconference With Soldiers [was] Staged.

Lessig in Foreign Policy

Larry Lessig has a brief bit in Foreign Policy called The Public Domain: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. It’s Larry’s standard pitch for balance and for the protection of the public domain. Clearly written and concise and well-argued. What makes it interesting is the placement. In Foreign Policy.

It begins:

Within every culture, there is a public domain—a lawyer-free zone, unregulated by the rules of copyright. Throughout history, this part of culture has been vital to the spread and development of creative work. It is the part that gets cultivated without the permission of anyone else.

This public domain has always lived alongside a private domain—the part of culture that is owned and regulated, that part whose use requires the permission of someone else. Through the market incentives it creates, the private domain has also produced extraordinary cultural wealth throughout the world. It is essential to how cultures develop.

Google bombing failure

Not a failure of Google Bombing, but an example of GoogleBombing using the word failure. See for yourself. It’s a bit old, but Tucker just found it and asked how.

Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust Explained

Louis Round WilsonA new press release out from the School of Information and Library Science explains a bit more about the Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust and lists more members of the Academy.

I was there last week with Jimmy Wales and Brewster Kahle among others for the ritual induction in the Rare Book Room of the Louis Round Wilson Library. Appropriately, the induction took place under the Round dome at the center of the Rare Book Room.

Jimbo Wales talk available for download

TJ has the videos and audios of Jimmy Wales’ talk at UNC last week ready for download and viewing on the ibiblio speakers site.

Google Video v Yahoo Video

Chris the commentor with no comment sends a link to the Google Video Blog as a way to answer my post early this year on Yahoo! and Google video searching.
Chris has been blogging about Google Video for about a week now (first post Oct 5 about Random Google Video Search) and is seeking comments. If he had bothered to comment on my old post, I’d probably comment on his — is that blogger ethics? = 1 billion for charity

Google announces

We hope that someday this institution will eclipse Google itself in overall world impact by ambitiously applying innovation and significant resources to the largest of the world’s problems.
– Sergey Brin & Larry Page

Converge Divergence – Jay and Mel

Jay Rosen posts here and on the NandO Editor’s Blog in the continuing conversation with Melanie Sill (and others).
It’s all about Jay’s “filter from god” comment which Melanie heard second hand. What I think is being danced around is Don Shaw‘s concept of agenda setting in the newsroom.
Note to NandO blog software folks: You still aren’t handling trackbacks correctly.

Where are the UFOs?


Intellectual Property Creativity and the Innovation Process

UNC-Red Hat Symposium
Coming November 1 and 2.

McConville/Bucky on WUNC

WUNC’s The State of Things has discovered that David McConville and the folks at Black Mountain College know a bit about Bucky (Buckminster Fuller). So they had them on the air today at noon (and in their archives soonnow).

Note: the WUNC archives and their podcasts are hosted by

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Buckminster Fuller: In 1948, Buckminster Fuller, then a visiting teacher at Black Mountain College in Western North Carolina, built his first geodesic dome. It collapsed. The next summer he returned to Black Mountain and succeeded. Fuller later became famous for his domes and inventions, including the Dymaxion car, Dymaxion map, and World Game. A current exhibit at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center in Asheville looks back at those inventions and Fuller’s time in North Carolina. Host Frank Stasio talks with John Wright, board chairman at Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center in Asheville; Lloyd Steven Sieden, author of “Buckminster Fuller’s Universe: His Life and Work” (Perseus/2000); Jay Baldwin, author of “Bucky Works: Buckminster Fuller’s Ideas for Today” (Wiley/1997); and David McConville, co-founder of Elumenati, a company in Asheville that designs immersive projection environments. Listener Call-in. (59:00)

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