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Date: 1/11/2006

Fredmania – Facebook and Fred on Future Tense

You can’t hear Future Tense on local NPR stations, but you can hear Fred’s interview on the Future Tense website — they even podcast if you’d like to get FT regularly. Here’s what the FT site has to say (but listen too):

Researcher studies Facebook use by college freshmen at UNC

Facebook is an online social networking directory that has become the rage on college campuses since it debuted in 2004. College students have created around six million accounts. Students make personal profiles pages, which typically contain photos. They can exchange messages, and join groups of friends. Profiles often contain a lot of personal information, such as relationship status and sexual preference.

Fred Stutzman, a doctoral student at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, has just completed a study of Facebook use by freshman from the class of 2009.

Things I didn’t know I needed

Fender Hello Kitty Badtz-Maru Bronco Bass (Black) or possibly Fender Hello Kitty Stratocaster Guitar (Pink).
Here’s the official Fender Hello Kitty site.

Mac Google Earth is very cool

I spent too much of last night playing with Google Earth for the Mac. When it came out for Windows, I dissed it as a silly interface to the already useful Google Map service. But now I’m a convert — at least during the period of amusement. Google Earth would be more useful and amusing if I were carrying a GPS device that I hooked into it. But then I would be paying for the more advanced services.

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