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Date: 1/20/2006

NBC 17 and Blogs

I just finished talking with Sergio Quintana of NBC 17. The interview will run during sweeps week in February. No one knows what night.

I talked about blogs. How they are powerful because they have an intimate and personal voice. This is exactly the problem with blogs. They are intimate and personal. We have no ground rules culturally to deal with this new public intimacy. Should blogs be treated like diaries or like billboards? We are circumspect (or should be) about material from a private realm like a diary, but we consider billboard information to be completely public. We spoke a little about Facebook and Fred Stutzman’s research which showed that UNC students highly value their privacy when ask, but in practice on Facebook they reveal all the information that they listed as particularly private.

Also mentioned were last year’s Triangle Bloggers Conference and this year’s Podcastercon (the last covered by Sergio). I got in a little about Dan Gillmor’s Center for Citizen Media too.

We didn’t get to talk about car songs tho.

Kids, Language and Tech

I’m up to talk to Sergio Quintana of NBC 17 about a couple of things technical and cultural later today.

One will be about tech savvy kids and their use of tech language. he’s all excited that kids know what a wav file is. Heck, in my day we not only knew the name of every car part and its manufacturer, but that stuff was in our music. “Little GTO” “Little Deuce Coupe” “409 (She’s So Fine)”
Now they don’t make songs like that about computers and cell phones! (and it’s a good thing too ;->).

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