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Date: 2/20/2006

On the phone with BBC

Skype to BBC didn’t happen. I’m queued to talk after some iTV folks. One Holmes of VideoBomb. The other, Leslie does Full It was def a British-style interview, in which the speakers had their spiel prepared and the hosts tried to take them off on their weak points. Pointing out the absurd selections chosen by VideoBomb voters and being sure that we all knew that CSpan has low ratings so that will surely doom FullDisclosure. The interviewees handled it pretty well.
I was next up and handicapped by the fact that I don’t know what blooks will perculate up to me as final judge — and in an untimely lapse of memory, when will the winners of the Blooker be announced. I know the Lulus told me but errrrrr.
Still I think I did an okay job. I was able to defend vanity press books using Whitman as an example. “But surely all of these aren’t Whitman.” No, but if one is the contest will have been worthwhile. Besides several of these blooks are from Large Publishing Houses and have been reviewed in the NY Times. Then a question about a silly author’s name, like Hamburger which I can’t find on the list, but I counter with “The World According to Mimi Smartypants” by Mimi Smartypants. The host agrees that this is a truly wonderful name. I get to mention several of the entries — none of which I have read since I’ve placed myself in blook embargo until the finalists arrive. But here goes what I recall — “Julie and Julia” “The Search” by John Battelle, “Ambient Findability” “The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl” by Belle de Jour (this gives way to a conversation about fiction and non-fiction. M. de Jour has entered in non-fiction but is this the next “Million Little Pieces”? I say that the hosts are closer to knowing that than I am.) and “Biodiesel Power” by Lyle Estill.
Save forgetting the announcement date, I got most all of what could be gotten out in I hope an interesting way. Yes I mentioned Swift, deFoe, Dickins and other serial or pseudo-diary writers as forebearers of Blook authors.

Up All Night runs once a week. The last show being on the 14th so I expect this show to run tonight late on the 21st (in the UK).

Stuck CD in PowerBook

I have Johnny Cash forever! Or so it seems. I went to digitize American Recordings III and the CD stuck in my PowerBook G4. Using the various eject procedures results in a tiny edge of the CD peeking at me for a fraction of
a second then disappearing. On the upside, I can listen to “I won’t back down” anytime I want too.

Is there an easy way for me to get the damn thing to eject — or should I head out to the “genius bar”?

Things I’ve tried:

    drag cd to wastebasket
    pressing eject botton
    holding function and pressing eject button
    rebooting with trackpad button held down

I believe that the cd is experiencing some kind of resistance and so backs itself back into the player.

AHA! UPDATE: I took a key and gently but firmly nudged the slot a little larger or upward. (aka the caveman method of computer repair). The disk ejected just as if things were normal.

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