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Date: 3/19/2006

Groklaw on UNC/RHAT Symposium

PJ has a nice article at Groklaw on the UNC/RHAT Symposium (held last November, but now available for viewing). My favorite part of the article (wish I had been able to get out to Allen and Son for BBQ with PJ):

If you enjoy the videos, here’s who to thank: the University of North Carolina, iBiblio, and more than anyone Matthew Szulik, CEO of Red Hat, who really was the force that made this conference happen. Here are his opening remarks. There are more videos there as well, but I haven’t seen them myself yet. Currently it’s available only in RealMedia, but they’re working on it, I understand, to broaden your choices. I attended the conference, by the way, and had a blast, but there were different discussions going on simultaneously, so some of this is new to me too. I expanded my concept of Groklaw because of that conference, actually. Had some great barbecue too. If you are ever invited to anything Red Hat, iBiblio or the University of North Carolina is planning, my advice is, Go.

The Ridge is Blue; the Prose is Purple

Asheville elumenati David McConville is indignant about the purple prose let loose in the NYTimes Magazine Travel section by Wells Tower.

Tower wants to write about the good things in Asheville/Black Mountain, but his Columbia-trained MFA kills it for the readers. Better to go over to the J-School, Wells.

UPDATE: Check out David’s response in the comment below.

SNMNMNM outside at Weaver St

The music was good enough that I missed the beginning of the Carolina/George Mason game. The folks promoting Signal Fest had SNMNMNM playing on the lawn at Weaver St (Carrboro’s front porch or backyard depending on how you like at it).
I love the instrumentation of this band. They are playing power pop and ska with a tuba in the place of the bass guitar for instance. Other brass evident were a trumpet and a trombone. And channeling They Might Be Giants with some radical accordion playing.

Uzi and TJ were there getting the Signal Fest vibe on. Look for more as the Fest approaches — April 7 and 8.

Reviewing Dave Smith by writing about William Matthews

Eric McHenry was paid to review Dave Smith’s decade’s worth of poems but he must have wanted badly to write a homage to Willam Matthews (in today’s NYTimes Book Review). In a seven paragraph review of Smith’s Little Boats, Unsalvaged: Poems, 1992-2004, Matthews and his poetry are discussed (occassionally with Smith’s poetry) in four. Hell, Robert Frost gets his own full paragraph. Even Stanley Plumley gets a few sentences. That doesn’t leave much for Smith who suffers in comparison to both Frost and Matthews. Smith doesn’t even get the opening and closing paragraphs — those are for Matthews. The second paragraph is about Smith writing about Matthews. The penultimate, Frost used to find fault in the style of the unnamed Smith.

Now I too miss Bill Matthews and with others I regret his too early death in 1997. But does he need to rise from the grave to show us what Smith lacks? And doesn’t Smith deserve more that one paragraph dedicated to him in a review like this?

Reading a review that is too much about Matthews as a basketball opponent and not enough about Smith as a poet — I call foul.

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