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Date: 4/3/2006

Violet Jelly

Tucker picked a gallon of violets and we converted them in to seven jars of violet jelly using the same procedures as last year, but we left off the wax and went for self-sealing jars this time.

Worldwide Blooker Coverage

BBC’s Outlook gave worldwide air to the Blooker Prize. Mark McCarthy writes from Khartoum where he is working with Humanitarian Information Center for Darfur – Sudan:

So I finish a jog along the Blue Nile and climb into my truck. It’s dusk and I can get the BBC on the AM dial at night so I give it a try. Who is that? I know that voice. What the …. Why is Paul on my radio in Khartoum? Am I going mad?

Over 120 stories on the Blooker are out now and I’m in a few of them. Odd to see myself in a Dutch paper and in Australia and in South Africa in slightly different takes on the Blooker.

First Commercial Radio on IPv6 Goes Down in Flames

Ken alerts us that IPv6 late-comer, Virgin Radio, is claiming that they are the first commercial radio station to simulcast using the IPv6 protoco. Unlike, WXYC and WCPE both of which have been on IPv6 since November 2004, Virgin is off the air after their servers have gone down in flames (according to their website).

They say:

These streams are temporarily unavailable.
Note that due to a serious fire, our IPv6 streams are currently down. Find our normal IPv4 ones by visiting our normal listen page.

Blooker and Jones on NPR Marketplace

Between returning from the University of Pennsylvania and heading up to Boone for the Odyssey of the Mind competition, I did a bit for Marketplace about the Blooker. Several of my collegues heard it, but not me. Stephen Fraser sent me the link to the story (my/Blooker part begins about 3:30 into the 8:24 segment. Lasts about 1 minute).

Not as bad as I feared.

UPDATE: Stephen sends this better link (if you only want to hear the Blooker segment).

Cooker beats Hooker to win Blooker

As seen in Guardian UK: [with some corrections and additions]. More Blooker winner stories here. And the official Lulu Blooker announcement is here.

Diesel, death and dinosaurs

Overall winner and winner of non-fiction category

Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen
Julie Powell (Penguin) [and Little, Brown in hardback – pj]
Source blog

[A great blook isn’t a website shoveled onto paper. Julie and Julia successfully makes the transition and grows as it goes having learned from the blog readers. The deeply personal story here, the story of an obsession, leads us all to see what could be trival and indulgent as a personal and as it turns out communal art, an art of transformation and of conquest (of egg dishes and of selfdoubt). – pj]


Biodiesel Power
Lyle Estill (New Society Publishers)
Source blog

[This blook too is about obcession and drive and community. The blook is printed and bound in the most environmentally friendly manner true to the last drop of ink to the higher goals for the writer. This attention to detail, to harmony inform the writing and the story telling while the self-reflective humor in the stories keep the blook from become preachy and sour. – pj]

Fiction winner

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Cherie Priest (Tor Books)
Source blog

[I am not a reader of the gothic, but this blook captivated me with its gusto, its invocation of a dark South both in mountains and in swamp. Priest can tell a tale and she can write a sentence that competes with the best out there. Stephen King should be very afraid. – pj]

Runner-up An Historic Murder Mystery Set in the Internet Bubble and Rubble
Tom Evslin (dotHill Press)
Source blog

Comic books winner

Totally Boned: A Joe and Monkey Collection

Zach Miller (Boxcar Books – self-published through
Source blog

[I teach people about the same age as Joe. I thought this comic blook was a non-fiction documentary. The humor cuts to the bone. It’s that true. That’s why it hurts but you laugh. – pj]


Dinosaur Comics: Huge Eyes, Beaks, Intelligence, and Ambition
Ryan North (CatPrint)
Source blog

[A single set of illustrations manipulated into dozens of different stories by the words alone. The art, i mean the skill and imagination, dazzles me at every page turn. Everyone I hand this blook to is delighted and laughing. – pj]

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