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Date: 5/24/2006

McCurry vs Newmark – PR vs Experience

Dan Gillmor and Ed Cone (for two) cover the Wall Street Journal sponsored email exchange between telecom industry PR guy Mike McCurry and principled enterpreneur Craig Newmark (not that I’m biased ;->) on Net Neutrality. Both Gillmor and Cone point out that Newmark wins on the facts. He gets extra points by actually knowing them as opposed to McCurry who cites his employers without, he admits, clearly understanding what it’s all about. McCurry can spin, but Newmark clearly wins.

Cross-Institutional Social Network Research

Fred Stutzman proposes an interesting approach to Cross-Institutional Social Network Research. A smart ideas which uses social networks to build a network to do research that could not otherwise be easily done.

In Ames, Iowa – Odyssey of the Mind and CAVE 6

Arrived to semi-hostile wireless access. The Cafe Diem has great access and it’s free and the coffee and veggie fare is great. The campus ISU is not ready to give access to just anyone. Odyssey of the Mind must ask they tell me. The library wasn’t much help either although I only chased that access via the Ask-a-librarian service.

But all is not lost. Thanks to David McConville, I’m hooking up with Steve Herrnstadt and heading for a trip in the C6 tomorrow!

Powers of Six?

June 6, 2006 = 666? How about 6:06 am on that day? The School of Information and Library Science took a call yesterday from a reporter looking for a numerologist to help him with those questions. My collegues wisely sent him to Religion (specifically to Revelations). But what of September 9, 1999? Is it 9/9/99 and so more satanic for being inverted? Or 9:09 am of that same day? Is it a double 999999? or June 9, 1999 at 6:06 am? Is that a mirror 666999?
The Arockolpyse happened on Saturday

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