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Date: 8/10/2006

Phuntsok Dorjee on Xeni stories

Xeni Jardin‘s Day to Day story for today is about the wireless networking in Dharamsala/McLeod Ganj. The NPR site doesn’t identify Phuntsok, but the Boingboing story using the same picture does. The same picture is on her blog with a nice caption — it’s Phuntsok in every case.

Phuntsock, see you guys up in Himachal Pradesh in a couple of weeks.

JJB at Citizen Journalism Unconference

JJB was at the Citizens Journalism Unconference at the Berkman Center of Harvard Law last weekend and has a nice report on his impressions of the (un?)event.
Doc and others have pictures to prove JJB was there [Flickr Tag citmedia06].
Dan Gillmor, the unconference unorganizer, gives thanks and reflects on the Center for Citizen Media Blog.

Doc on Airports today; Google on Cali Libraries; BBC on Media Use

Three quick links to posts of interest, highly unrelated.

Doc is writing live from the Logan Airport about the state of emergency at US and UK airports.

The Official Google Blog
blogs their side of the University of California Libraries announcement about joining the Google Book Project in a posting by John [Price]Wilkin, Interim Co-University Librarian, University of Michigan.

BBC reports “Young adults are moving away from traditional media” in an article titled “Young drive ‘radical media shift’ : The “networked generation” is driving a radical shift in media consumption, says UK telecoms regulator Ofcom”

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