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Date: 9/4/2006

Apple Battery Recalls Gets My G4

Apple, like Dell, recalled tons of Sony-manufactured laptop batteries. My G4 Powerbook had one of the lucky numbers. I should be getting a new battery in the mail in a few days. Perfect timing, my old battery was starting to not take a strong charge any more so we’re due for a new one anyhow. And the look of melted laptops from the unexchanged batteries is pretty sobering.

Price low, sell higher

Negotiation expert Adam Galinsky of the Kellogg School tells the secrets of eBay pricing to sell. Of any two identical items, the one with the lowest required opening bid ends up selling at the highest price.

Why? Low barrier to entry more easily gets committed bidders at the start. Later entering bidders prefer to enter auctions that already have a lot of activity and end up paying more.

Negotiations, he mentions, are just the opposite. There start higher to get your best price.

Johns Hopkins chooses ibiblio’s Lyceum for blogging

Johns Hopkins has set up their own instance of Lyceum, ibiblio developed open source group blogging environment, at

Lyceum allows schools and groups to become their own (or typepad or livejournal etc) quickly and easily. The open source nature of the code allows for maximum local customization and for sharing of new and improved features. Lyceum will support from 2 to 200,000 blogs (or more).

for more on Lyceum see

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