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Date: 9/30/2006

Orkut has 1/4 of all Internet Users

in Brazil! That makes Orkut ripe for fishing expeditions by Brazilian police, but Google, the owner of Orkut, is having none of that — or are they? Stories seem to change with the hours as Google agrees to comply with a Brazilian judge’s request for records then says they will not but then says under certain conditions they will.

Remember that’s one quarter of all the Internet users in Brazil; there were 25,900,000 Internet users in Brazil as of Dec./05 so about 6.5 million Brazilians on Orkut. Get the latest news here.

Reading and dinner with Julie

Was over at the Regulator last night for Julie Powell’s reading and signing of her book, just out in paper, Julie and Julia (now subtitled “My year of cooking dangerously” in hardback subtitled “365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen.” Afters we headed out to Crook’s Corner to test the shrimp and grits. Julie had met chef Bill Smith earlier in the day when she recorded a show with DG Martin for WCHL.

Lulu Blooker Prize organizer and podcaster, Jason Adams and his wife Ren joined Julie, Sally, Michael (Julie’s official escort/driver for this leg of her trip) and me at Crook’s. We got to catch up on some ideas about blooks and the Lulu Blooker Prize (Julie was last year’s winner and one of this year’s judges; I was a judge last year and will be again this year) and about those who Julie calls her “Bleaders” — I guess “blreader” can’t be pronounced and “breader” would have problems too.

Julie is looking forward to a visit home to Austin for the Texas Conference for Women on October 12 and on getting to work on her new project — learning to be a butcher. These are I think somehow related.

One big gripe, not with Julie, but with the radio: WCHL used to podcast DG’s Who’s Talking? show, but the last update shown is back in July 2006 or in November 2005 depending on where you click on the show’s home page. So I can’t be sure when the show will run or if we who need to timeshift to hear it will ever get a chance to do so.

BTW Crook’s Corner is the sponsor of DG’s show according to WCHL’s website.

BBC Click on Social Networks

BBC’s Click show covers social networking sites and the use of them for various successes in music, dating and the like. Not much new information here, but they do at least mention sites like Bebo, MySpace, Last FM, friendster and the exclusive gated community Beautiful People which requires not only that you be beautiful but that you use Internet Explorer.

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