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Date: 10/3/2006

The Jingle Django Sound of the Old Ceremony

Sunday, Tucker got to play some prerelease cuts from Our One Mistake, new plastic from The Old Ceremony, on the new Teen Spirit Show on WCOM. Django Haskins and TOC are one of the bands that we both like a lot and have even gotten to see together.

I like how Django draws from Elvis Costello and REM and Leonard Cohen. The last LC is the source of the band name — from “New Skin for the Old Ceremony.” In “Radio Religion,” we get a nice homage to Elvis C’s “Radio Radio” in a couple of places even tho the tone of the song is much sweeter than LC’s. A bit of John Lennon vocals in another song. And witty Costello-ish, rather than overheavy Cohen-ish, writing throughout. (Yes, I’ve managed to hear the new collection a few times now).

Over on his News and Observer Music Blog, David Menconi writes about the band name, tells a quick story from Django and lets us know about the plastic release party on Saturday, Oct. 7 at Cat’s Cradle, which will be followed by a Sunday matinee performance at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Fall Festival.

This YouTube Live TOC Show from NYC this summer features these new songs: “Poison Pen,” “Papers in Order,” “Radio Religion,” and interview with Django and two other Ceremonials.

IMLS funds

Just got word that IMLS, Institute of Museum and Library Services, has awarded the ibiblio-led project grant support to the tune of $129,242.

IMLS says:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science — Chapel Hill, NC
Year: 2006
Amount: $129,424
Grant: National Leadership Grants for Libraries – Building Digital Resources

Expanding on the work of a previous IMLS grant, UNC’s digital library will archive, digitize, and video stream 35 new documentary films. Partnering with Folkstreams, Inc. and the University’s Southern Folklore Collection, the project will produce a guide to best practices in video digitization; add 20 new video clips to its Video Aids for Film Preservation; and create portals, guides, and outreach materials for senior citizens and teachers. Rare documentaries will provide knowledge of American folklife to these two distinct audiences using the easy-to-access Website.

Lyceum builds strong bodies!


JJB on the Lyceum blog alerts us of a new and strong Lyceum installation at BodyBuilding Blogs where they support over 375 blogs on one Lyceum install.

Xeni goes wild — on Tibet updates

Xeni’s blog added a lot of stories last night.

A good long interview with Lobsang Wangyal in his role as organizer of the Miss Tibet Pageant. He’s also the head of the Association of Tibetan Journalists.

A bit from a Finnish newspaper about the Dalai Lama in which he says that his successor could 1) be chosen by election or by the traditional reincarnation method and that 2) his successor could be a woman — even a Finnish woman. He sent a warning to the Chinese about the delicate environment of the Himalayas. His final message in the interview: “Live happy and spread happiness around you” Xeni link here.

The developers of TorPark, a USB portable Tor tunnel builder, have dedicated their latest release to the Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima. One of the Panchen Lama’s supporter wrote to the Torpark team with news of an open reward for $30,000 (USD) for anyone who establishes contact with the abducted religious figure — reports Xeni.

Here’s how TorPark describes itself:
Torpark launchs a Tor circuit connection, which creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer indirectly to a Tor exit computer, allowing you to surf the internet anonymously.

A bit about DRM-free Tibetan music for sale from Cruxy is a marketplace for ” independent original creativity.”

I’d swear there was a bit about Cisco making a donation to the Air Jaldi Summit, but I can’t find it. A Cisco rep, Jim Forster, will be at the Summit to talk about their world’s highest WiFi in Nepal. Some others to be at the Summit include Danese Cooper (who was at the Delhi “Owning the Future Conference”) and FSF‘s RMS aka Richard Stallman.

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