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Date: 10/15/2006

Miss Tibet

Sayan sends a different story about the Tibetans — IBN has a video posted of the Miss Tibet Contest. The Contest is produced by Tibetan journalist Lobsang Wangyal (of the ibiblio-hosted Association of Tibetan Journalists).

The winner will be announced soon on the Miss Tibet site.

Tibetans “shot like rabbits”

When I was among the Tibetan exiles, I was amazed how hardworking and innovative they were and how positive they were. I mentioned this to my guide and friend. He immediately set me right, telling me that there is so much that was not being seen. Every Tibetan has had a family member or friend killed many times right before them, he told me. Still there we were among smiling and optimistic people.

In the past 24 hours, proof that the Chinese soldiers are still killing Tibetans in cold blood hit the news (and on youTube.) Xeni has a good summary on her Trek Blog.

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