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Date: 2/5/2007

About that Blogger Ascertainment

NBC-17 Triangle Blogger Community Ascertainment (Invite here at eVite)

Host: Jason Clough
Location: WNCN-TV / NBC-17
1205 Front Street, Raleigh, NC View Map
When: Monday, February 19, 12:00pm
Phone: 919-835-6320

You are cordially invited to attend to the NBC 17 Triangle Blogger Community Ascertainment.

What: NBC 17 holds community ascertainments once a month in our viewing area. A community ascertainment is a casual meeting with representatives from the community and NBC 17. They are also referred to as Listening Tours.

We would like to invite you to our groundbreaking Blogger Ascertainment. We recognize the contributions bloggers are making to their readers and would like the opportunity to make a lasting connection with your important voice.

This meeting will be dedicated to finding out more about the important issues in your community, and suggestions on how we might be able to serve them better.

You talk…..we listen.

These meetings will not be taped. Notes will be taken by our staff. Tours of the station will be conducted.

If you are interested in attending please RSVP by February 16th

Jason writes below that all bloggers are welcome so here’s the invite. Enjoy.

Snark-Infested Waters with MSM

So I made a little joke without naming the victim recently when a local TV station sent ill-advised spammish invites to bloggers asking them to join in an “ascertainment.”

This somehow bruised the sensitive male feelings of David Kirk over at Tech-Recipes who has as near as I can tell no dog in this fight or more accurately no humor in his reading of my post.

I feel so bad that he calls me snarky; he does notice that I was having lighthearted fun.

I do feel bad that he picks on Bora and Brian who have worked as hard as anyone in this area to make blogging known and respected by local MSM.

Oh Lord, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (as Eric Burton sang in 1965).

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