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Date: 2/10/2007

Brit Top 10 to be all Beatles?

What songs/singles are the Top 10 best sellers in the UK? With the new attention to music downloads changing the list, we now have unsigned bands like Koopa in the Top 40 and moving up.

More interestingly, if the Beatles catalog is made available for download in the next few weeks as is expected, the Beatles could completely dominate the charts possibly taking all of the Top 10 slots (reported on BBC here).

BTW: Koopa releases four versions of their song,“Blag Steal and Borrow,” on their website — regular, acoutic, live and remix — only about a minute of each tho.

Clippy to Die!

And it’s past time for his death too. The annoying animated image of a paperclip with goo goo googly eyes was one of the last reminders of Microsoft Bob — one of the quickest failures from Microsoft and one of the most insulting products. Now he will be gone at last.

Carrboro Commons latest edition

UNC Journalism students working with Jock Lauterer and Andy Bectel have just released the latest edition of the hyperlocal news site/paper Carrboro Commons. Looks and reads great.

I do wonder tho: Why editions? The direction of online news is always breaking news and constant updates — not editions. And the Commons format easily allows for that; it is afterall is said and done a hyperlocal blog. And that’s a good and powerful thing.

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