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Date: 2/21/2007

Shhhh It Happened Here First

Another first for Chapel Hill and the state of North Carolina (via Duncan Murrell on with links added by me):

From this week’s The New Yorker, Louis Menand summarizing an entry in the recently published Yale Book of Quotations, edited by Fred Shapiro:

“It is extremely interesting to know, for instance, that the phrase “Shit happens” was introduced to print by one Connie Eble, in a publication identified as “UNC–CH Slang” (presumably the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), in 1983.”

My Timeless Verse

Every poet aspires to write at least one poem that someone will remember and think good after a number of years. We usually don’t live to know whether we’ve accomplished that. But e-mail today gave me some hope and confirmation.

In 1980, I won or was finalist in The Cold Mountain Review Poetry Contest. As a result, I was invited to Boone, NC and to Appalachian State University for a dinner, a panel and a reading and later, as was the style of the period, late night drinking.

I met the editors, R. T. Smith (now at Washington and Lee University editing Shenandoah) and Charles Frazier (later known as the author of Cold Mountain and Thirteen Moons). I was even more amazed that the home of the Department Head (I think) who hosted the late night party had central vacuum connections. Little portals that suck in each room. Much delight was obtained.

Now 27 years later the poem that took me up the mountain, “Feet,” [JPG of the poem] has been selected by 35th anniversary issue editor Joseph Bathanti to represent 1980.

Thanks, Joe and Rod and Charles.

Closing the Digital Divide in the Indy

A number of good friends are credited for their good works by Fiona Morgan in the current Independent. (The paper is online as I write this. I added the links to the articles at the page numbers).

Greg DeKoenigsberg
and the One Laptop Per Child (Page 19)

Judy Hallman and RTPNet (page 23)

Jane Smith Patterson and e-NC Authority (Pages 20 – 21)

And Cory’s Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present is/are reviewed with a short notice about his talks here at UNC and at Duke TOMORROW!
(Page 34)

Rick Peterson to Washington and Lee

Old friend and former colleague, Rick Peterson, has just been named CTO of Washington and Lee University.

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