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Date: 3/13/2007

NC House Appreciates iBiblio

NC House Congratulations

This just in (click on image for a larger copy):

North Carolina
House of Representatives

Certificate of
Acknowledgement and Congratulations

Whereas, October 31, 2007 will be the 15th anniversary of the first public demo of, which is now known as; and

Whereas, the iBiblio website digital repository and community have become cultural treasures of the state of North Carolina, and

Whereas, iBiblio has played a pivotal role as both a medium and advocate for the free and open sharing of digital information.

Then, therefore this Eighth Day of March
In the Year of Two Thousand Seven,
Representatives Deborah Ross and Verla Insko recognize


For its commitment and contributions to technology and culture,
and to the North Carolina community as a whole.


Joe Hackney – Speaker
Attested by Denise Weeks – Principal Clerk
Representative Deborah Ross – District # 38
Representative Verla Insko – District # 56

Back to the Weave!

The signs are down — (Thanks to Alderman Dan Coleman).

Yes signs will be back, says The Beet the Weaver Street Market Newsletter:

Carr Mill will be temporarily removing the signs on the lawn in front of the Carrboro store today to correct the wording. The signs were put up at the end of last week to state Carr Mill’s Policy regarding the use of the lawn. The signs mistakenly used an older version of Carr Mill’s Open Space Policy that didn’t reflect changes that resulted from negotiations last fall between Carr Mill, Weaver Street, and Carrboro Alderman Dan Coleman. The error resulted when the wrong file was sent to the sign maker. When the error was discovered, Carr Mill immediately arranged to take down the signs and have the wording changed. In addition to updating the wording of the Policy, the new signs will start with “Welcome to Carr Mill” to reflect the spirit of the negotiations last fall.

Carr Mill has also agreed to consider changing the location of the signs when they are put up again. It was Weaver Street Market’s understanding that the signs would be put up on the edge of the lawn, not in the middle, and we have requested that Carr Mill make that change. We expect that the signs will be put up again next week, and we hope that the location will be changed to the edge of the lawn.

But this is what they will say (from the Beet).

I hope they will be in less obnoxious locations this time too!

Lulu Blooker 2007 Short List Announced

Blooker Logo
The shortlist is out on the Blooker Blog (see there for details).

Here for the official Lulu Blooker pages.

And there is already coverage from the BBC.

Also in the Guardian Unlimited UK.

And check out this brief list:


“My Secret: A PostSecret Book” by Frank Warren
“My War: Killing Time In Iraq” by Colby Buzzell
“Crashing the Gate” by Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas
“So Close: Infertile and Addicted to Hope” by Tertia Albertyn
“Words in a French Life” by Kristin Espinasse
“Small is the New Big” by Seth Godin


“The Doorbells of Florence” by Andrew Losowsky
“Monster Island” by David Wellington
“BreakupBabe: A Novel” by Rebecca Agiewich
“Albert the Third” by Slim Palmer
“Messages From the Lost Continent” conceived and edited by Horst Prillinger
“Methuselah’s Daughter” by J.A. Eddy and Dean Esmay


“Mom’s Cancer” by Brian Fies
“Born of Nifty: Sluggy Freelance Megatome 01” by Pete Abrams
“The Definition of Awesome: Another Joe and Monkey Collection” by Zach Miller

The judges are Arianna Huffington, Julie Powell, Rohit Gupta, Nick Cohen and Chair of Judges — Paul Jones.

Life and music in the pre-60s 60s

Before the 60s were the 60s, there was the Bell Telephone Hour. Here we see not only sincere young men with great voices singing folk music The Chad Mitchell Trio (they are actually socially aware risk-taking satirists), but a pre-Byrds and very young Roger (Jim) McGuinn and an advert for the Princess phone — it’s not for guys. (from January 19, 1962)
Camilla writes about Jim/Roger’s Chad Mitchell experience here.

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