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Date: 4/25/2007

Friendly Voices on NPR Tomorrow – Rheingold and McIver

Howard Rheingold in RomeBeverly McIver

Howard Rheingold alerts us to his upcoming appearance on NPR’s Day to Day tomorow (Thursday April 26, locally on WUNC at 3 pm – 4 pm).

UPDATE: Howard appeared on Day to Day’s Xeni Tech segment, “Two Sides Take Up Murder Case Online” (here).

Tyndall Galleries
alerts us to the upcoming interview of artist Beverly McIver on Dick Gordon’s The Show Story tomorrow (Thursday April 26, locally on WUNC at 1 pm and 8 pm EST).

UPDATE: Beverly McIver’s feature on The Story “Painting Faces” (here).

What we have instead of snow

Michael Czeiszperger’s photograph on the front of the Chapel Hill News explains what I like about the South. We don’t have snow instead we have floating drifting flower petals.

More of Michael’s photographs are on display at the Open Eye Cafe in Carrboro through the end of April and at his Learning to See website.

Archive-IT talk online

Dan Avery and Archive-IT
Joey has the talk by Dan Avery and Molly Bragg of Internet Archive up at the ibiblio Speakers site. Molly talks about the Archive-It subscription service. And Dan tells us why “The Web is a Mess!.” He explains the Archive-It crawler and how he learned to stop worrying and love the web.

Take the Survey: “Blogger Perceptions on Digital Preservation”

Carolyn asks nicely:

Do you blog? If yes, then please consider participating in an online survey from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science. The study, Blogger Perceptions on Digital Preservation, is being conducted under the guidance of the Real Paul Jones . The study team is interested in hearing from all bloggers on their perceptions on digital preservation in relation to their own blogging activities, as well as the blogosphere in general. To hear more about this survey and to take it, go here:

From there, you can link out to the web-based survey. The survey will be available from April 25 through May 23, 2007. We believe blogs are valuable records of the human experience. Help to contribute to continued access to these important records by participating in our study. The survey should take between twenty to thirty minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Carolyn Hank, the study Principle [sic] Investigator, at hcarolyn AT Thanks!

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