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Date: 4/27/2007

Travels to Exotic Places (upcoming)

May 13 – 15 Dublin, Ohio to visit and give a talk at OCLC
May 17 – 18 Asheville, North Carolina to keynote the UNC Asheville workshop on digital preservation
May 20 – 22 Orlando, Florida on a secret mission to be revealed later
May 23 – 26 East Lansing, Michigan for the Odyssey of the Mind World Competitions

If you are in these areas and would like to have a cup of coffee and chat, leave me a comment here.

Coworking in Carrboro – Working at Starbucks is Tired; Coworking is Wired!

According to the latest Wired:

Expired Tired Wired
Working at Home Working in Starbucks Coworking

Brian Russell alerts us to a Coworking meeting in Carrboro:

Do you work at home? Are you a telecommuter? Run a business from your home office? The Town of Carrboro wants to know how it can help you. On May 8 at 10 am in Room 100 of the Carrboro Town Hall the Economic Development Department of the Town of Carrboro will be conducting a public forum to discuss this

If you know other people that work at home who might be interested in participating in the conversation, please invite them.

If you can’t make it let me know and we’ll work on a second event.

Booker is Tired; Blooker is Wired!

According to the latests issue Wired Magazine: The Blooker Prize is Wired, the Booker Prize is Tired, and the Pulitzer Prize is Expired.

Expired Tired Wired
Pulitzer Booker Blooker

Note: I am the Chair of Judges for this year’s Lulu Blooker Prize.

Jennifer Jenkins @ UNC May 9

Jennifer Jenkins
Who: Jennifer Jenkins of Duke Law‘s Center for the Study of the Public Domain
When: 12 noon – 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Where: 2nd Floor Conference Rooms, Davis Library
Sponsor: UNC-CH Scholarly Communication Working Group

What: At the May brown-bag lunch meeting Jennifer Jenkins will discuss the work of the “Arts Project” at Duke’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain. This project analyzes the effects of intellectual property on cultural production and, among other things, produced Bound By Law — a comic book about copyright and creativity. She will also talk about Creative Commons and how its licenses facilitate creativity and the free availability of cultural materials. Jenkins is the director of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain and a lecturer at Duke Law School where she teaches seminars on copyright law.

For more information on the Center (here).

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